Saturday, 26 April 2008

packages in the post

Just thought I would share this short post with you...

I received a package from this lady the other day..I thought I must have been going a bit mad and had purchased something without realising...could easily happen as I'm very ditsy and I'm always having a mooch on her website..pure eye candy! So whilst opening the package and preparing my story to hit Pete with, (cutbacks you see) I came across the most wonderful little present;

(apologies for the bad photo but its very early in the morning!)

I was absolutely touched by this kind act and as the tears welled up and headed south down my cheeks whilst reading her lovely words on the card enclosed (I'm a wuss) it totally restored my faith in human nature, in Karma and in life in general. I know when you go through bad patches there is always somebody having a worse patch than you, but remember the kindness of people will always shine through and brighten up your day, no matter how bad it seems.

Well Clare,I'm going to give you a plug whether you want one or not because I think your website is wonderful and I still so love the vintage glass lampbase I bought from you a while back..I love a lot more of your goodies too but I'm having to be very restrained at the mo!

Thankyou x


  1. How very kind, and what a lovely gift.

  2. You so deserve a little pressie, and a very pretty one it is too. x

  3. Ive not been on blogger for a while but today when my Jan Constantine catalogue arrived through the letter box i thought of you.
    Sorry to hear about your son, it must be so hard to deal with a 'difficult' teen, i was one myself and i know the stress i must have put my mum through. Now im good as gold though so there is hope for your son too!!
    I love the fact that your blog mixes pretty shabby chicness with real life - i find most of the other shabby chic-esque blogs quite pretentious, life isnt one big CL magazine spread! Too many 'designer' photos and perfect stories and not enough honesty and realness, hope you know what i mean?

    Anyway, im off on one, excuse me!


  4. Glad you recieved such a surprise, we all deserve one every so often! Take care, Lori

  5. How very kind, it really makes your day when this happens, like you though I get a bit panic-ie and think I have made a wrong order...

  6. What a sweet gift!! It's always really nice to receive a present that really makes you feel special and treasure that other person as a gift in your life. Have a good Wednesday :o)


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