Sunday, 27 April 2008

Ta Da!

Congratulations to GIGIBIRD! won the giveaway prize draw for the heart and lampshade cover..if you email me with your address, I can get it in the post to you!

All the names were placed in a pink polka dot bag and my delightful assistant Laura (my niece!) picked out a winner...

Ta Da!! oops rubbish photos again, but hope you can read my scrawl!


  1. Well done to GiGi bird!!
    Happy Birthday for yesterday, sorry I forgot to post this yesterday. Hope you had a lovely day and were spoiled rotten....Claire x


    I can't believe it!!

    Address on it's way.............

    Thank you lovely niece Laura:)

  3. hurrah for the lovely Gigibird x
    t x

  4. oh fiddlesticks...i forgot to wish you a happy birthday. hope your day was great...and hope you continue to celebrate for the whole week...i give you permission! Happy days!!!
    kelley abeillemere at comcast dot net

  5. Hi there
    Just wanted to say lovely blog!! I love the idea of naughty chickens :)

  6. Congartulations to Gigibird, that was a lovely giveaway!

  7. Congratulations GIGI bird,
    Was it your birthday? Happy Birthday lovely if so.
    Hope your well and the sun is shining on you and your chickens.
    Love Kristina XxX

  8. Congratulations to Gigibird. I know Lynn so I may get to see the lampshade cover in use one of these days? I have a lovely niece called Laura too!

  9. Hope you had a very Happy Birthday and congratulations to GiGi bird there's discussions in our household about keeping chickens too maybe when Elliotts a bit older I think if we had them now he would squash them!

  10. Oh it seems belated Birthday wishes are due.. Hope you had a good one and was thoroughly spoilt!
    Congratulations Gigibird.. enjoy your new treasures.


  11. Congrats to Gigibird and what is this I see from seendipity.... Have I missed something here?
    Belated birthday greetings, hope this is now going to be a really good year for you.

  12. oooooohhhh lucky GiGi.
    A Happy Belated Birthday.
    Carol x

  13. Hope you had a very happy birthday too, and congratulations to Gigibird for winning the prize.
    thanks for the advice on the step stool, all I need to decided now is what CK print to use!


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