Friday, 22 February 2008

meet my bunny

I've been inspired to show you my sad little vintage bunny. Michele at cowboys and custard (don't you just love that blog name!) is having a favourite toy giveaway..not her favourite toy or anything like that, you just have to leave a message on her blog by 8pm tonight and you could be entered into a draw to win some lovely goodies! She has a lovely blog too so you may be there a while!

This little chap belonged to my dad but I aquired him as a baby and he hasn't left me since. His lovely lilac fur has gone and you can only just see the remains of it where his arms and legs join onto his body, his fluffly tail is now more like a bald bobble! He looks very forlorn and most people pick him up and cuddle him when they see him with a very sympathetic aaaaah..I think he's cottoned on to this as he's had a very jolly life really with school trips and visits far afield and he's survived a world war to boot!
Anyway, this is my bunny, his name is Bunnyrednose but his nose is pink and I love him!
PS. I've also just linked this post to one at country cottage chic as Jayne is having a bit of an old toy convention there!


  1. What a sweet bunny! He has been added to the growing list of "Teddy Bear Challenge" posts.


  2. He is gorgeous, I've posted some of my pram toys but if you check out the link you can see a bear that belonged to my Uncle.

  3. Hello just came over from Jayns to see your bunny who is lovely. I've joined in with my old bear.

  4. Oh how wonderful to have something like this from your Dad. He looks like he has been on lots of wonderful adventures.
    Cheers Linda

  5. Hi Pretty Shabby, thanks for popping over, I am so glad you did, I hadn't yet discovered you. Thanks for your comments on my bunny, do you know for a few years now, I have thought he looked pretty retro and have often thought of having a go at sewing (maybe not a good idea) and using him as a prototype! It does go to show how much influence the 70s still has in the modern patterns. Your bunny is lovely and much older than mine, a more fitting candidate really. I spot the Sylvac bunny too, very cute. x

  6. Hi, he's a lovely bunny...I can tell he's had plenty of cuddles over the years...just what he was made for.
    Margaret and Noreen

  7. What a lovely bunny! I found your blog via Jayne's.


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