Sunday, 17 February 2008

Cath kidston pretties!

OOOOO look what I found when I was sorting through one of my many piles of "stuff"....a really old Cath Kidston mail order catalogue! This was when she had just one shop in Clarendon Cross and things like eiderdowns were handmade to order, so I think it may be one of her first ones. It says on the inside cover" We are delighted to be able to offer you our products by mail a small (!)company we try to give you a helpful, friendly and informative service. Do please call if you have any questions or special requests".... Special requests!! There are so many of the lovely old prints I dont know which to 'show and tell' first! . I've got the Rose Bouquet in duck egg for my bathroom curtains and the green paisley in the kitchen so I suppose I am a bit biased but they are two of my all time favourite patterns.

I so wish Cath ( "Cath"... like shes my pal! lol ) hadn't discontinued them, I noticed that the pretty white sprig fabric called summer blossom has gone from this years catalogue too, so there go my plans for covering a chair!

As much as I try to move away from my three favourite shops,Cath Kidston,Laura Ashley and Greengate, I always get seduced back by their latest offerings,I cant help it! I just love pretty flowers in simple vintage colours (it doesn't help when you have boys and two rooms where flowers are out of bounds..spoil sports!)

I talk about Greengate and Kidston like everyone knows who or what they are.... I even said to a lady I met whilst on the park " aaaaah, you've got a Cath Kidston Stanley dog" whilst her Lakeland terrier tore around with Red our Labrador ...she looked at me a little perplexed and I had to explain what I meant! I forget that not everyone knows 'She that is the queen of vintage chic!'

There are no stockists near us, well one who has some smaller Cath Kidston bits 10 miles away,but no Greengate, so I have to buy everything by mail order, which is a shame. The one and only time I went into a real CK shop I nearlly passed out and had to go and sit on the pavement with my head between my knees like some old bag lady, whilst my sister went and got me some mugs I'd been harping on about...a very early start to get to the Chelsea flower show and the most hideous headache ever, didn't help matters. So, my only ever experience in a Cath Kidston shop is a nauseas blur.

By the way does anyone know where you can buy plain cardboard box files that you cover yourself? I'm dying to have a go but can't find the right sort. Covered ones are soooooo expensive and I've got a roll of the old yellow Bouquet wallpaper to use was going to be for a downstairs loo but that's yet to materialise!

Right enough flowers for one day...I need to get on with repairing yet another hole in a pair of school trousers. Have a great Sunday! or whats left of it! x


  1. Hello!
    Thanks again for commenting on my blog, its great!
    Seems we are both avid Cath Kidston fans...I have to do mail order as well, because of course there are no Cath shops around Ireland...the last time I received a parcel was about a year ago..and it was the best feeling EVER!
    Now I am trying to pay off my credit card so that I can place the next one...its just...what to choose? I want about three quarters of the catalogue!
    By the way, that old catalogue is classic and I agree with you, some of her old prints are gorgeous and I wish she would bring them back!
    take care

  2. Isn't it lovely to come across something like this?

  3. Wow, what a find! Ive looked on ebay for old catalogues, just so i can look at the pictures! Cath Kidston is THE best! (Laura Ashley is close second though)
    About the boxes, you can go to google, type 'box template' and a few come up (in the images section) - you could then print them for a small box or copy onto your own card for a big box. Also, if you go to 'nostalgia at the stonehouse' (i THINK it was this blog) she makes her own boxes so you could ask her where she gets the templates or uncovered boxes from?

  4. hi
    i love cathkidston too and im lucky to have a CK shop in bristol,the prices r steep but u certainly feel like alice in wonderland when u go there.
    ive seen those plain boxes in hobbycraft stores but they cretainly wernt cheap,goodluck.

  5. Hello.I just found your lovely blog so I am trawling back a bit.I am in Sydney,Australia so there is absolutely no beloved Cath around here. Its awful!!!!!! I have kept every single catalogue I have ever received.Truly.I have only every placed one order(shipping is a killer)and the postman thought I was totally bonkers.I screamed a little : ).I guarantee that I would faint if I walked into a store.I hope one day to do that!!!

  6. Cath Kidston is opening a new store in Dublin in the Dundrum town centre. There is also going to be an outlet shop in Kildare village soon.
    Im a big fan also, and dying to see it all in real life and not on my computer screen!!!


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