Monday, 2 July 2012

Fantastic Freebie Giveaway! Kiss Me Deadly swimsuit!

Those lovely people at
have asked me, to ask you, if you'd like to partake in a giveaway.. 
Not just any old giveaway either one worth a 

Hepburn and Leigh are one of only 3 online stockists of the exclusive Kiss me Deadly range of retro inspired swimwear.
 Some of which is so exclusive, like the Jojo check playsuit, only 18  will ever be made!
Delores swimdress by Kiss Me Deadly
If you would like to win the gorgeous limited edition Delores, sexy, figure-fantastifying Kiss me Deadly swimsuit (or swimdress as it likes to be known) in the photo above, there are a few little things you need to do first..
Jojo check playsuit
Only 18 ever made!
 1.Take a look at the Hepburn & Leigh website
(not only do they sell gorgeous retro swimwear but Lingerie,clothing and stockings too.)
Gorgeous AND reversible swimwear!
 2.Tell me by posting in the comments form on this blog, which is your most favourite swimwear item on the whole site.
Ahoy Sailor swimwear by Frauline Annie

 3.The giveaway closes midnight GMT Monday 17th July 2012

Ahoy Sailor swimwear by Frauline Annie

The Delores swimdress comes in sizes 8-18 and usually costs £75 

One person will be picked at random on Tuesday 17th 2012 and will be informed via email and/or a post on this please leave a name... even if its a made up one!!

Your name and email address will be forwarded to Hepburn & Leigh who will post you out your fantastic prize in your chosen size.
 This giveaway is open to anyone and everyone...



  1. Hellooo!
    What a fab give away and an excellent website.
    I had never heard of them before. Please enter me ;-)
    Apart from the gorgeous Dolores swimsuit, it would have to be the TROPICAL KITTEN bottoms/top. To hide my big scarred tummy!
    A size 14/16 would be good :-O
    Thank you

  2. They are all soooo nice but I love love love the hibiscus kitten top and bottoms they are gorgeous! Please enter me! :) thankyou! Steff xxx

  3. Ooh very lovely! My favourite is the Ahoy Sailor Balcony Bikini Top and pants in the sky blue colour. The Dolores swimsuit is gorgeous too ... fabulous giveaway! xxx

  4. Have they got any Victorian style ones that cover you from head to foot? Seriously though,I'd love to win the pretty two piece(last pic),as I've recently lost two and a half stone and I feel I now have the courage to take a trip to the local pool! So please enter me too! :0)

  5. My favorite is Ahoy Sailor Swimsuit. It's really cute, glamorous and STRIPY!!!

    Would love to win this giveaway as I have a thing for retro swimwear.

    Please enter me! :)

  6. Maybe it will encourage some sun!!!Please can I enter.
    Warm Wishes,
    Callie x

  7. Please, Pretty Please enter me I love the JoJo checked playsuit, I like the cut and length of the shorts.
    louise x

  8. Love, love the Ahoy Sailor girl full suit, so sweet!
    Also love your photo of the hens coming through the front door...mine would too if they thought I hadn't quite emptied the scrap bucket!

  9. What an excellent giveaway! My favourite is the Ahoy Sailor swimsuit, fab colour and gorgeous 50s pattern, perfect. Although the Delores is pretty fab too, LOVE that shade of blue and what a clever idea about the adjustable skirt! Never seen that before! xx


    1. Hello Kat, Harry (my random number generator in the next room) shouted out number 9 and I guess that means you are the winner! congratulations, if you could let me know an email that Hepburn and Leigh can contact you on I will forward it on to them so that you can claim your lovely Delores jealous am I ?!!

  10. I like the ahoy sailor balcony bikini top

    :) the swimsuits are so cute! and the i love the style of the lingerie!

    vanillakaren (at)

  11. I love the Ahoy sailor bikini with the sailers printed all over!
    I'd love to enter for the swimsuit, it looks great:)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I adore the ahoy sailor bikini short. I love the high waist; it covers and controls my stomach, which I am quite self conscious about and which many bikini bottoms fail to do. The pattern is fabulous and it also accentuates an hourglass figure, emphasizing a small waist, giving me a more womanly shape. I have found it difficult to find a beautiful and well fitting bikini which I feel comfortable and confident in and all the designs look fabulous! x

  14. I love the Ahoy Sailor Bikini - I've been searching for a really cute retro bikini with high waisted shorts for AGES. I'm not a fan of little skimpy bikinis and I think this cut is way more sexy (and flattering!). Thanks for the heads up on the store and yes, please enter me in the comp to win

  15. It has to be the Ahoy Sailor Bikini short - it's so cute! I love vintage and a vintage swimsuit would be perfect for the summer days!

  16. Wow what a lovely website. I didn't know about them before so thank you for sharing! I adore all of the swim wear and am hard pushed to say which is my favourite but I really do adore the 'Ahoy Sailor' halter neck bikini. The seagull print is just gorgeous!


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