Tuesday, 11 October 2011

This week's messages on the fridge..

Fridge love...

mummy love....

Brotherly love...(er-hummm)
Keith Lemon love...

and I just plain love this...


  1. great magnets and I LOVE your fridge
    xx fee

  2. Hej Sairer!
    LOVE your fridge.
    Aren't they great the letters?
    I even managed to find a set of Swedish letters (they have 3 extra letters in there alphabet...greedy so n sos lol)
    We are living in the apartment now soo your post has reminded me to bring back the letters that are on the fridge at the house...
    Thanks for reminding me!
    My 2 boys are exactly the same!
    Email on it's way to yooooou

    P.S. That little note, what a gem!

  3. great fridge, great magnets xx

  4. Love the fridge magents and the fridge :)
    <3 dotty

  5. Brilliant! Laughter is the best tonic...I have a poem about women on my fridge, and how they make everything given to them, greater...Including the crap that gets thrown at them! (not literally of course! ;-))

    Take care,
    Niki x

  6. Aah that postcard is one of my favourite mantras! And I know I'm a post behind but aaaaahhh, how GORGEOUS is Bella?! x


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