Monday, 3 October 2011


Nothing much interesting has been happening round these parts, just the mundane everyday a lovely, lovely gardening customer of mine dying from that awful thing beginning with C... the cooker, boiler (again), tumble dryer and my precious, indispensable and expensive big boys Honda lawnmower packing up after 10 years service,(hence me selling practically my entire wardrobe from when I worked in a shop, on eBay to fund a new one) Dislocating my little finger by having a dog lead wrapped around it when a dog bolted, (corr that hurt!) oh and reversing my truck into the brick wall that stinky boy and bald bloke built and completely buggering it up so much so the whole thing has got to be re-laid....yep,you know, just everyday mundane things like that.....hmmm think I need reviving with more than a cup of tea!

Anyway moving swiftly on to pretty stuff...

One of the many things that I seem to hoard are Tea-towels.

I love tea-towels

Cheap,cheery tea-towels.
Vintage ones, seaside ones

and of course,Cath ones,

I like the fact you can pick one up for under a tenner and it will hang there looking cheery by the sink on the dullest of days.

When we have a proper kitchen (ie; a kitchen bigger than 5'x7') I hope to frame some of them for the wall. I've made cushions out of a couple and even a pillowcase, so that versatile rectangle of drying up cloth does have its uses.

Recently I was asked if I'd like a couple of freebie tea-towels in exchange for a mention...ooh yes pleeeease would I!!

I even got to choose so I picked a Greengate one

and a fab atomic fifties patterned one

which I've never seen the likes of before.
The red Greengate one will be used as a proper tea-towel and the gorgeous 50s abstract one will eventually be made into a cushion...(I think!)
They came from an online shop called 
 All tea-towels
(click the pink link if you'd like to take a peek yourself)
which I think is a fabulous idea..a shop selling nothing but tea towels in all different styles and best of all, postage to the UK is free and silly cheap to everywhere else (How many times have you seen the perfect thing online only to find the postage costs more than the one you want?)
These are some of my favourites from this fab online shop:
Tunnocks tea cakes! favourite kind ...and calorie free if you buy them this way!  

Arent they just great?
The 'easy as pie' one is particularly appropriate in this house, I can make boiling an egg a whole new experience...egg explosion anyone ?
There are all sorts of designs to find there from traditional to modern, birds, butterflies, chickens...gravy!.. all sorts.
Thankyou Al, for the fabulous freebie tea-towels and the link to yet another fab online shop which I shall put in my sidebar, I think its just a brilliant idea and no doubt I shall be back for more to add to my stash!
I'll hopefully be popping back again in October to introduce you to Colin, the new man in my cheerio for now.


  1. Hej Sairer

    Sorry to hear your having a rought time...LOVE the tea towel in fact I indeed have that one myself but ran out of time this summer to frame it and hang it my tea room...although I did pinch the tea bit of it and use it in my header for my blog and alas I have not posted on this Yet...
    P.S. Love your Butlins one too!
    Keep well

  2. Loving the tunnocks and the eye test ones best! I go to the CK outlet at bicester, the tea towels are fab value there!

  3. Hi,hope you have a better week this one.Love your t towels you have a bit of allsorts there.Love Jill xx

  4. Oh dear life continues from one hiccup to another doesn't it? Still at least you got some free stuff, lucky you! And yes there are some really super designs there.

  5. ahh thanks ladies..dont worry though, thats just normal stuff, I dont let it phase me..just life's bumpy ride! (ooh I hope I dont sound like a grouch on my blog!!)

    Annie you are so lucky to live near Bicester, I've had a few tea-towels from there too!

  6. Oh I LOVE t-towels too and have often used them to make fab cushions. Thanks so much for the link. xxxx

  7. Love your tea towels. One of my other favorite blogs just did a post on making them into aprons.

    It's not easy to portray a cheery disposition when dealing with life's adversities (I know, I'm experiencing quite a few of them myself), but you always do. You've never sounded like a grouch in any post.

  8. OOh Cheryl, you'll have to share a link to the aprons out of tea towels blog..what a good idea!
    Fingers crossed crossed your own bad patch passes quickly too x

  9. Sairer, I thoroughly enjoy your blog, you have a lovely knack of turning things around, and creating a happy post. The tea towels are great,especially the Brighton one. Such garish colours. Intrigued about Colin (is it a cat, dog, chicken or the new mower, maybe none of them, I shall have to wait and see!!


    Sairer, the link to Karen's post on making them into aprons. Karen is in Canada.

  11. I'm in the need of new tea towels. I love your collection!
    <3 Dotty

  12. Love your tea towel collection. Thanks for sharing! I could kick myself... I didn't bring back a lovely linen union jack tea towel when I was visiting England in August. I wanted to make it into a cushion! Perhaps next trip...

  13. You chose well. Love love love the atomic looking tt. (I've got the Easy as Pie one. I'm hopeless on the baking front).

  14. Sairer,
    Thanks so much for your comment, I always love to hear from you as I remember discovering your blog and loving it and I have you to blame (I mean thank) for getting into this blogging lark!
    Hen x

  15. Good choices, and reminds me I got sent a couple too and am way behind on a blog post. I let my DD choose one, aren't I kind!! Though in reality wanted to choose both myself ;))

    Keep posting please, I love your pretty blog :) xx

  16. Ooooo thanks for the link to the teat towels. I've just ordered the Tunnock's teacake one and I'm going to frame it for my kitchen!


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