Friday, 4 February 2011

Light up your life with a GIVEAWAY!

OOOH at last...exciting, LOVELY stuff to talk about ... A GIVEAWAY!!!
We love giveaways in blogland now don't we?
So here is something to cheer us all up in that cold inbetweeny bit before the Spring comes.

One of my favourite shops to mooch in when I'm re-decorating is Zia's fabulous lampshade shop,

The Old Lamp Shed 

I would love to be able to make lampshades like these below, but alas I cannot so it's lovely to be able to say I know a lady that can.

Her designs were recently featured in a Cath Kidston catalogue and her attention to detail is lovely, little trims and ribbons that co-ordinate beautifully with the fabrics.
Zia has very kindly offered one lucky person a lampshade from her shop to the value of £40..
yep you heard right..completely and utterly FREE.

How Fab is that?
The hardest part is picking a favourite as I love most of her designs, check out the secret message lamps  which are really ingenious (I ought to get one saying 'stop snoring you old toad,you're keeping me awake' maybe that'll brainwash the men in this house!)

So anyway, how about...

a Cath Kidston one?

or a Frenchy one?

A girlie one?(from the made to order range)

or a blokey one?

 a retro one?

or maybe a posh one?

All you have to do is pop over to The old lamp shed,  have a mooch through Zia's creations,(I've only shown you a few designs here) pick which one you would love to own (up to £40 in value) and leave a message on this post saying just that " I'd love this one... in this... size please."
You don't have to have a blog as you can leave a message under anonymous (but just to save any confusion you may want to add your initials at the bottom of the message as we'll need to get in touch with you if you win!)
Then at 8pm on Tuesday March 1st, I'll pick a winner at random.

So there you go, you'll have plenty of time to choose a favourite, you might even pick up a bargain whilst your over there mooching as some lampshades have up to 50% off at the mo.

Best of luck!
Zia has asked me to mention that overseas entrants are welcome but can only choose up to a 12" sized shade for this particular giveaway.

(all photos courtesy of


  1. Wow you're right if you win it would be very hard to choose. What a fantastic prize.
    I'd love to throw my name in the hat. I'm off to have a look!
    I'd love the 12" multi heart, it would be fab in my kitchen!

    I'm so tempted to splurge on some others!

  2. I will probably dream about this one a lot: Cavellini vintage butterfly? the one with the bird, the butterfly and the postcard with stamp - how beautifully pretty this paper is - 12 inches diameter would be perfect for a lampstand I just happen to have with no shade! Thankyou for showing us this lovely shop - it is really something a bit different and special.

  3. Oh, it's so hard to choose just one! I think I'd go for the 6x8" candy flowers in blue to pretty up my bedside table :) fabulous giveaway x

  4. What a fantastic giveaway, I would love the blokey one please..very hard to choose as they are all so lovely.
    Jo xx

  5. I have just spent an age choosing which one I like best and it has been soo hard as I love them all!
    But I would LOVE a 12" Secret Message Fabric LampShade in Cream Linen. Thanks for telling us about "The Old Lamp Shed" and hosting this fab Giveaway.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  6. It has to be the 10' London from the Kids section (although why kids should have all the fun, I don't know!) xx

  7. wow what a giveaway!! i was looking at the Old Lamp Shed site just before xmas and dreaming....! if i was to win i would love the 8 x 8 in Pink Paisly to finally put a lamp shade on my daughters bed side lamp.
    thanks claire x

  8. Fantastic! I would have the CK in spray flowers blue, 12". I'm going to bookmark this, some lovely designs.

  9. Wow - this is a giveaway made for me (although I realise that may not agree) as I have a lampshade crisis on my bedside table - the only shade that fits there is in all the wrong colours and I'm too thrifty/lazy/cheap to replace it.

    But this would be the perfect shade for that little space:
    Michael Miller Lime Apple 6" diameter lamp fit. Could I be so lucky? Thanks very much to both of you for this wonderful giveaway.

  10. What a great giveaway - just redecorated so would love to win a shade! If I would be so lucky, I would like to win the 10" diameter 'cut roses' shade please!

  11. I don't think that I have the Pip, at the moment, to go on over and look. I've been up since 3 am (it's almost 5:00, no) because of my husband's snoring. SO! I really - in the dreams that I wish that I was having - want the lamp that says:

    "stop snoring you old toad,you're keeping me awake"

    Because.... "maybe that'll brainwash the men in this house!"

    Brilliant idea, Sairer!!!

    Love, Katy Noelle

  12. What a totally fabulous give away!!!
    Please could you enter me for the Cath Kidston lampshade in regal rose lampshade, 6", to fit a table lamp please, thank you so much :)xxx

  13. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, what a fabulous giveaway and gorgeous lamps. I've 'favourited' the site, it's just lovely.

    If I were lucky enough to win, I should love a Tanya Whelan blue rose lampshade in any size! :-)

    Heather x

  14. Gosh I feel like Donkey out of Shrek shouting Pick me, Pick me...!
    I love everything, but if I was lucky enough to win a fab shade, It would be the CK Cowboy shade, it would look super lovely in my house...Em x

  15. I have just spent the last 15 minutes umming & arhing over the gorgeousness on there website!

    If I was very lucky I would choose the 12" calligraphy shade to go into my newly decorated dining room.

    Vanessa x

  16. What a wonderful website. And a fabulous and generous giveaway. Thank you both. If I was lucky enough to win I would love to receive the 12" Cavallini butterfly. This shade would bring to life once more a gorgeous alabaster lamp base given to me as a wedding present and left shadeless by son no.4 some years ago during a play tussle with his cousin.
    I have only just starting following your blog having clicked on a link on the henhouse blog. I look forward to getting to know you. Thanks again. Love Sarah x

  17. Wow what a great giveaway..had a look at the old lampshed and very beautiful they all are ..had a great time looking and dreaming about them..i would love the CK pink paisley in 10" ceiling shade for my bedroom ..its just been decorated and needs that extra something to make it look wonderful..even if i don't win i'll be going back to the old lampshed and buying one for myself and my girlies..they are gorgeous and you have to have more than one lol..

  18. How on earth are we to choose?????!!!! Have had my eye on the The Old lamp Shed for a while, oogling and "aahhhhing" pretty and beautiful. I think I am going to be selfish and ditch the kiddies on this give away and opt for a grownup pink paisley C.K 10" for my bedroom...because sometimes mummies deserve things too!
    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway...fingers crossed oh so tightly!
    Nattie xx

  19. Thanks for bringing this lovely lamp shop to my attention! They are sooooo prettyxxx
    The 'doggy'one is the same fabric as I have used in my kitchen.
    Thanks againx Jill B.

  20. Hi sairer , thanks for this lovely give away , these lamp shades are so pretty and the draw is on st Davids day XX Helen xx

  21. Hi Sairer-I confess I hadn't realised quite how sad my current choice of lampshades is in comparison to the ones on the website-aren't they beautiful?!!French Wallpaper is my favourite, lovely colours and really unusual. I love having things no one else has, and that fabric is so unusual.
    Great giveaway too!
    How's things?x

  22. Ooops! sorry, 12 inches please!heehee.x

  23. I'd absolutely love the vintage labels lampshade (12") I was drawn to the flowery girlie ones but this one is just fab.

    Thank you.
    Love your blog, I did read it a while ago but got so far behind on mine but am back now. I am enjoying catching up on your posts. (Apart from the ones where things have gone wrong for you :( Hope things have picked up a lot now) xx

  24. A Cath Kidston lampshade would be so nice! Beautiful work.

  25. Hi, I need a new shade for my daughters bedside lamp and we had fun browsing through the beautiful designs.

    She settled on the owl small conical shade, if the red pompom fringing could be attached that would be even better.

  26. beautiful giveaway! would love to win a Cath Kidston lamp shade. would look great for my reading corner! thanks for this fab giveaway!

  27. WOW what fabulous lampshades I want them in every room. I would love a nice 10" Cath Kidston shade in anything floral for my conservatory - to bring the garden inside. xx

  28. Thanks for putting me on to this website. I've spotted a few I could give a good home to! I would love to be entered into the giveaway, and if lucky enough to win, I would love an 8" Michael Miller Multiheart, with it's lovely bright colours. x

  29. Great Giveaway! all the shades are lovely, and it is hard to find an absolute fav, but the Amy Butler purple floral in 10'' dia is perfect......

  30. oh gosh what a fantastic giveaway!. I would love a 6 x8 lace stripe..I have just the place for it.....what a fab range she has!! Nice to have you back blogging again x Sue s

  31. What a fantastic giveaway!! If I won, I would love the race cars in the cath kidstone kids section, 12 inch. If I dont win I may have to buy it anyway, my kids would ADORE it!

  32. Oh. They're all so lovely. I'd love the Cath Kidston cut rose 10" diameter for a ceiling fitting. WOuld look lush in my dining room.

  33. Wow, so many gorgeous and a giveaway just in time for a planned bedroom makeover! I would love to win a Cath Kidston Classic Rose Square Shade ... it would be just purrrfecttt thank you Rose N from New Zealand xx

  34. What a superbly generous giveaway! I just luuuuuuv all the designs. She's a talented lady...I'm turning green with envy...
    If I had to choose, I'd love a shade in the Cath Kidston boats fabric, as my little bubba is growing up fast, and I'm about to embark on a bedroom makeover for toddlerhood. Perhaps 10"? Will be pleased with anything though! Thank you for a beautifully inspiring blog!

  35. I have just recently found your blog, congratulations, its lovely! I love love love all the lampshades too so no doubt a few will make their way to my house eventually! Currently about to redecorate my daughter's bedroom and would love the Owls conical small lampshade..

  36. I think they are all fabulous and I guess one of my favorites is the style of Vanessa Arbuthnott Lazy daisy.

    I even painted an old lamp shade once and it worked


  37. Oooh yes, time for a new lampshade. I thought my bedside lampshade was quite nice until I checked out the shades at The Old Lamp Shed.
    I would love a CK Pink Paisley, 12inch. Hubby says we need more colour in the bedroom, am still speechless to think that he even noticed.......
    Thanks for the opportunity, fab giveaway.

  38. Hello! I followed a link from Tales from an OC Cottage and found you here. I've read as many of your posts as I can in the amount of time I've got, I've become intrigued with your stories, and feel awful about the loss of your cats and chickens and Old Flo. You strike me as a wonderful person (and family) and karma or kismet or whichever one is applicable has surely got to come around and offer you wonderful rewards soon.
    The Lamp Shed has beautiful shades. As long as I'm here, I may as well make my choice, which is Lovely Day in Paris. Meanwhile, I have added you to my list of regular blogs to visit.

  39. Wow..How lovly!My most favorite is the small conical shade with small rose attachment....Love your blog as you are always very down to earth and honest...You show life is not always perfect and you make me laugh!Which is good as am feeling alittle blue at mo!x

  40. I came to your blog from the Vintage Caravans pics and I am loving everything here - specially the pic of your summer house on the sidebar!

    Woooo Lampshades.... I love the girlie lampshade with the roses, but the one with the birds and nests is just fabulous. I'd love any of them to be honest! Thanks for the opportunity! :o) x

  41. Thank you and Zia for a fantastic giveaway! There was so much eye candy at Zia's Web site that I had a difficult time choosing just one favorite. But for the sake of the giveaway, if I were to be the lucky winner, I would love the 10" Kate Forman lampshade (the one you called posh.)

  42. www.appleblossombarn.com12 February 2011 at 21:47

    Hi there I have loved your blog for so long, your house is so pretty.I would love a 10'' cath kidston floral shade any one of them would be amazing, as I made a horrendous attempt at covering a lampshade myself it looked so simple in the craft book what a fiasco. Never again .
    Take care.
    Denise from

  43. Oh my gosh.... What gloriously beautiful shades. We don't often see such cute shapes..... And, Cath Kidston is one of my very favorite fabric designers.

    I loved the Large Standard, Kate Foreman shade and the Vanessa Arbathnott Lazy Daisy shade. Well, actually I loved EVERY.THING..... Such beauty.

    Please throw me into the hat tooooo!

    Warm blessings,

  44. Seems like i discovered your blog on the right day!
    Have visited The Old Lamp Shed several times before to drool and dream. Oh Wow! I just want them all!!! (not that Im greedy....)
    If I had to narrow it down to one,it would be the 12" Pressed Flowers lamp shade - I love the retro fabrics especially Amy Butler, and these colours are gorgeous!
    The lampshades are just lovely

  45. Wow Ive just discovered your beautiful blog (going to spend my evening having a good read of all your posts) and then you have a fabulous give away!! Still new to blogging so this is going to be my first dabble in the blow world of giveaways. If i were to win then i would love the CK regal rose - any size as Ive got several table lamps in dire need of a bit of glamming up!
    Scarlett x

  46. I love, love, love this giveaway! The shades are just too wonderful to choose just one, but I believe I'd go with the Martini shade in 12". I'll have to back to the Lamp Shed and do a little shopping.

  47. I have had a look and cannot decide which shade i would want, they are all sooo lovely : ).

    There is an award waiting for you over on my blog on my Valentines day post, enjoy : ) xxx

  48. Hi
    I would absolutely love to be the recipient of a fabby Polka spot Cath Kidston 8" lampshade.
    As a Cath devotee outnumber mostly by males in the household, this would be a welcome breath of fresh air, and hopefully meet everyones approval!
    Absolutely LOVE your blog!
    Gill GCR

  49. What a fab giveaway. Checked out the website and they are all gorgeous. Please could I pick the Amy Butler Poppies 8''.

    Ta Muchly

    Lisa xx

  50. WOW !!!! just love your blog, you have such a lovely home ! thanks for the info on the lamp shed wow they are BEAUTIFUL lampshades.... a 10 inch washed roses would be stunning ! SA

  51. Hello, what a fab giveaway. I'd love the 16" English Rose shade (ceiling fitting, and it's in the sale!) for my bedroom. Oooh, lovely! Em x

    I'm hosting a giveaway too, so pop over if you fancy taking part. :)

  52. lovely...I'm v drawn to several of the shades but a 12inch 'Blue Owl'lampshade would be just perfect. Thanks for the chance to dream. GR

  53. Ohoo what a lovely giveaway, I popped over and fell in love with the Cath Kidston pink lace, for a lamp, urr size, was it 10....

    Super super giveaway, good luck everyone x

  54. wonderful giveaway! I love the secret message lampshade. x

  55. I'd just love the calligraphy one - I've just reeceived loads of family letters from over a hundred years ago and this shade reminds me of those lovely bits of old writing. Fab giveaway - thanks for introducing us.

  56. oops - in 10" please - if I was to win!

  57. I just happened onto your blog and am sooo glad I did! Love everything I have seen so far, and coming on just in time for such a wonderful giveaway! I collect vintage lamps and I know I will have the perfect lamp for a 12"cavallini butterfly lampshade 3!
    We have a shed we transformed into an artist/guest cottage overlooking my pond and bird feeders, have a great spot for it! Thanks...

    Victoria C

  58. Amazing shades - I'd love the 12" World map lamp oone for hubby's birthday in April. Fingers crossed! Lovely blog :)

  59. Hi, They are all soooo lovely, but mine would be Cath Kidston candy flowers blue in a 10" drum for a lamp. Thanks for having such a good giveaway ladies!! These shades are beautiful! Joanna Peck

  60. I would love the floral provence rose in blue 10 inch shade. Thanks so much for the chance!

  61. I absolutely love your blog! It is so refreshing! I'd like to add my name to the giveaway and since I live in the USA, I'd be pleased with any 12" shade.

  62. Hi there! I was bunny blog hopping and landed here. I love your sweet blog so I'm adding you to my favorites.

    Deanna :D

  63. mine would be the world map...i can while away many an hour gazing at maps and dreaming of far off lands i'd love to get to one day...not looking good at the minute though x

  64. oh many beauties to go threw...I loved The Secret message Fabric Cream Linen...

  65. I was hunting for your blog yesterday (having come across it once or twice before) but couldn't find it, then today I have found you and LOOK, you're doing a fabulous giveaway! I have done the sensible thing and become a follower of your lovely blog. As for the giveaway - well there are so many gorgeous ones, but I would have to choose a Cavallini world map 12 incher, as my husband would love it!

  66. The shade are beautiful. So mood uplifting and I've subscribed!
    Ok, I'd love one from the Sale shelf ... ether Rose Stripe or English Rose, celing, in the largest size ... for my den!


  67. hello
    Would you be willing to link swap? Actually I have added yours as enjoy reading it!

    Mine is



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