Thursday, 26 March 2009

and now for some jolly stuff..

Righty oh, we've had far too much doom and gloom on this little blog of mine lately so I think it's time for a little bit of jolliness.

George is mending slowly but surely (although I think the psychological damage might take a bit longer) We still have lots of appointments to go to and forms to fill out ..yawn. The stress of it all hits you later when you think about all those 'what if's?'.
Thankyou so much for all those messages too, I've been a little bit like a loon this last week not knowing 'my arse from my elbow' as my lovely husband puts so eloquantly, so sorry if I didn't manage to get back to you. All this car crash malarky was great timing for that new job of mine too, third week in and I don't turn up, just a hastily written note pushed through the door at 5am.. hmm great impression I must have made. Oh well it couldn't be helped.Those stinky boys always come first.
Talking of jobs, we got some advice about Pete being laid off, turns out they couldn't just lay him off like they did, so it's definately worth going to the Citizens Advice Bureau if you're in a similar situation to us. So, that's the first bit of good around some legal jargon at work and your job magically gets reinstated. Hooray.
(and you know what that spending of some spondoolies got reinstated..double hooray!...)

Ok enough waffle onto some nice stuff...

SPRING...I just LOVE the Spring. cheery little birds in the garden,my favourites being the chubby little coal tits and their 'tea-cher, tea-cher' tune, pretty little flowers appearing almost daily and filling out my borders and gorgeous pots of colour coming home with me from the garden centre to fill my window boxes and buckets.
When I'm stressed out ( which, as you may have realised by now, is quite often) I either paint or bake.The week before last I thoroughly cleaned and painted the kitchen..(boy don't small kitchens get filthy quickly?!) that was in between running up and down the stairs for his lordship and his leg..and I made cake. LOTS of cake.
Now, I can't cook to save my life but I can make a nice, if a bit basic, cake.. Lemon drizzle cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake..yum, I dont think I'll ever be really thin. Ever. Not when cake's involved.I'd never made a carrot cake before and one of my elderly gardening ladies gave me this recipe,(she's nearlly 80 so it's all in imperial measurements) it was so easy peasy I thought I would share it with you,I hope you can read my and enlarge the photo or send me an email if not and I'll send you the recipe) if I can make it, believe me, anyone can.(by the way I made up the topping part can't have carrot cake without the cream cheese topping!)

Did you see these two gorgeous vintage embroidered tablecloths on eBay recently?..they went for over £200 each! £200!! The needlework on them was beautiful though, I hope the seller wont mind me borrowing her photos to show you..
I had a bit of a brainwave (yes,a rare one) about those two embroidered cushion covers that were for sale in my blogshop a while back, they were sold and then they weren't, in the end I decided to keep them, I was almost selling them for what I had paid for them really and I did like them, so it seemed a bit desperate to let them go. Anyway they were a funny size, a bit big, so I cut them down into circular ones made an envelope back and added some buttons, they are so much more useable now..although they don't really match the bedding this time round!
I have a few vintage embroideries abount, I really think they are so pretty. I've some pictures, mainly of gardens,a gorgeous tea cosy with vintage green blanket stitched edges,and lots of doileys and tablecloths that my mum made for her trousseau, or 'bottom drawer' as it was called in the 1950's for when she got married and became a housewife..those were the days!

The season has started up again good and proper and I love to do the first mow of the year on this lawn, it belongs to a sweet old fashioned garden that I've been keeping tidy for nine years now. Although it looks quite plain now it's stunning in the Summer, full of colour and flowers. There's something very English about stripey lawns, they remind me of cricket, cream teas and the long days of summer (hopefully) lying ahead.

I couldn't be without my hoards of creatures, even when they do things where they shouldn't, cost me a fortune, make muddy kitty paw prints on freshly cleaned sheets or floors and even pick my sofa..which has the arms covered in sellotape to prevent it ..(how attractive) They just entertain me constantly. Forgeting to pop their tongues back in after having a wash or pulling a funny face. Spring makes them slightly more crazy. And a sunny windy day even more so (I wonder why?)
I love that they give their love unconditionally..just look at these two, the bestest of buddies when in theory really they shouldn't be, inseperable..kitty/dog love..Red and Ethel, or Red and his convenient cushion who happens to be a rather fat cat called Ethel.

I know, I'm forever harping on about spotty stuff and how much I love spotty things,they even make spotty dishcloths now, so when this went in the sale recently at our brilliant cookshop in town , I just had to have it..even if I've never made a casserole and really can't cook. Er-hum, moving on swiftly..

I'm not very good at updating my blog on a regular basis,nor checking my favourites and leaving a comment or returning the lovely messages as I think you must have gathered by now, but one thing I did manage to say thankyou for was this lovely brooch that Viv made me ages ago when I was really down in the dumps.How lovely is that? I'd meant to post about it for Valentines day but no doubt some disaster or another must have got me sidetracked! What nice people there are out there.Viv's blog is called Hensteeth and her detailed mixed media work is utterly check it out if you have time to.

So there you go. A few things that have cheered me up lately.I meant to be painting the hen house whilst this lovely weather is around, but no I'm off to eat cake and drink yet more tea...I'm sure the ladies wont mind they've all gone broody and are far too busy bickering over eggs, hiding eggs or laying eggs.

Have a lovely week


  1. so so pleased things are rosier for you all :)
    I really enjoyed your post x And I have serious chicken house envy now :)
    love the spotty casserole...I have wedding pennies burning a hole in my pocket...may have to keep my eye out..
    take care x C x

  2. I am glad to hear that he is on the mend. Must be scary going through the 'what if's'.

    I love those tablecloths, I have so many similar ones, and I'm agog at the prices they can sell for.

    Thanks for sharing your photographs.

  3. I'm so pleased for you that things are looking up, your post sounds very postive....:>)

    Love the pictures....the dotty cook pot is lovely...its all lovely....:>))

  4. Sounds like life is really on an upbeat now. I'm really happy for you as you've had more than your share lately.

    Doesn't matter that you've been down as that's how it was, it's just great hearing your happiness in the simple things of life again. Wish I had those cloths to sell - can't believe the price they went for as gorgeous as they were.

    Lovely post Saira


  5. So glad things are getting back on track for you...lovely blog esp. the cake!!!! and too cute pets..

  6. Just look at your sweet animals. I love that Spring pics. We are still covered in snow, ug! Embroidery is a favorite of mine. Love looking at your pics.

  7. Lovely post, Sairer, thanks for the cheer up. Especially love the picture of your dog and kitty together, how sweet. Lovely casserole dish - far too nice to use anyway. Good news about your other half's job - good on you for not taking it lying down (so to speak)!
    Hen x

  8. Thats great news about your husbands job and glad your boy is getting better. You deserve a break loved this cheerful post your window boxes look so pretty!

  9. I love your embroidery projects! Very lovely. I've got a project on the go... pillow cases with "Sweet Dreams" embroidered on the fringe!

  10. I noticed you hadn't blogged for a while since your son's accident. I wondered if it was because of shock - those "ifs" and "buts" can sometimes affect us more than the original happening I know. But.. your son is ok which is WONDERFUL and it is spring! How good is that? I adore your lovely "creature" pictures. I love how so many craft bloggers have puss cats etc sprawled all over their sewing or tangled up in their wool. Really enjoyed this sunny optimistic blog entry. Good luck to your husband too.

    Also can I say to Hen that I love your blog so much - gorgeous colours - you are so productive! it's so well written and lovely to look at. Can't comment on your blog I don't think as I need to have one myself to do so I think - which I haven't. Noticed your name here so thought I would give you a mention. Hope that is ok?

  11. Hi there, I've really enjoyed your lovely photos today - especially the ones with your sweet pets!! So glad to hear that your son is doing ok - and don't be too hard on yourself for feeling "all over the place" - who wouldn't be feeling this way, after what you've all just been through?!

    I'm sure now that Spring has sprung, things will continue to improve - let time do the healing and keep each other close.

    Willow xx

  12. Good to see there is brightness in your life now Sairer! Good news about your husbands job and good to hear your son is slowly mending.
    Love the bright and cheerful embroidered cushions and pictures (those ebay tablecloths - nice to see them appreciated).

    Love your little window boxes. I'd love something similar to cheer my day.

  13. Sairer/prettyshabby27 March 2009 at 12:53

    Thankyou anonymous! yes, I did feel like hiding away for a while you're quite right, the shock of something like that happening hits you later, I was very calm and sensible until a week after the accident, an ambulance overtook me in the car, lights and sirens blazing.I had a panic attack and pulled over in the car where I sat and cried for what seemed forever.I felt I was right back there in the midst of it all again.Strange that isnt it?

    I'll certainly pass that message onto Hen for you. x

  14. Wow! What a blog post!
    I have to admit...that I do love your blogxxx

    Glad to hear your son is okxxx

    Love and best wishes
    Sam xx

  15. Hello Anonymous,

    Thanks for your kind comments. I think you just need to sign up with Blogger to leave comments, you don't necesarily have to do the whole blog thing if you don't fancy (but I could be wrong). Thanks a lot for your kind words about my li'ole blog, that's put a big smile on my face.
    Sairer - so sorry to have sort of hijacked your blog in this way! Thanks so much for passing on the message. The blogging world can seem (lovely and) small sometimes, can't it.
    Hen x

  16. Haven't stopped by for a while but have spent the last wee whiley catching up. Boy you have been through the wringer haven't you? I do hope that things are picking up for you.
    This Happy Things blog has such lovely things in. I adore the vintage needleworks and love your new cushions.
    Quite inspirational and may get me to my sewing machine and the pile of similar fabrics I have once I get myself of this machine!

  17. What a gorgeous post! Very Spring-like, and I'm glad things are picking up for you. I love the pictures of your embroidered cushions and pictures - I have an idea in my head for something similar here. Your pic of your dog all snuggled up made me pine for mine - he's staying with my parents at the moment but home next week!
    Cathy X

  18. how lovely to see you back with a spring in your step and lovely pictures of lovely things....
    you have been missed but i am glad that you took the time out to eat plenty of cake - very important work in my eyes :)
    love to you
    t x

  19. Hi Sairer - thanks so much for your comment on my blog re Treacle the chicken! I will certainly try her antibiotic tablet broken up and pushed into a piece of cheese, I hadn't thought of it! I managed it today by putting it into a raisin, but she soon gets wise to it & then refuses it the next day!

    Willow xx

  20. Glad to see you back. I kept returning to your blog only to keep seeing that awful reminder of the crash. Lots to read and look at in this post. I love those photos of the polyanthus etc. I can hardly believe those cloths went for £200. They are pretty but.... I like the cushions you have made and that cake looks yummy.
    Ruth x

  21. Didn't I just buy the same pot last week? I bought the lovely blue one and some mugs as well. Too funny.

    Lisa xo

  22. lovely post. I want it all, some chickens, a ginger cat, carrot cake and your kitchen cupboard handles! (tee hee! I spotted them in the background of your polka dot pot pic!)

  23. Lovely to see your happy pictures, as well as to have an update on George!

  24. Thanks for the lovely jolly stuff, hope life is on the up for you now. I've been very neglectful of my blog recently, I may jump in again this weekend now you've inspired me.

  25. Those embroidered table cloths are stunning! Thank you for the cake recipe, will try it out soon. I enjoy baking.
    Isabelle x

  26. Lovely embroideries. Amazing prices! Better get my threads out!

    Super hen house, if we ever get chickens, I want one like that.

    Going to have a go at the carrot cake, yummy!

    Love Fi x

  27. What a jolly post! Great to hear you feeling a bit cheerier.

    Adore the embroideries, I never win those on ebay!

    I love so many similar things - most particularly polka dots. I meant to get one of those fab casserole pots from Spode before it losed but forgot - oops.

    Hope your weekend was fun and the sun's still shining. Take care

  28. popped over from Cottage Lifestyle to check out your blog. I'm enjoying it very much. See you again soon.

  29. Wow... so much to comment on! Love the embroidery. So pretty!! The sleeping kitty is adorable too! and I might need to find a red polka dotted pot! Happy Spring colors on your blog today. Very cheerful!

  30. great post, lovely pics, so many pretty things and lots to be cheery about. You remind me of myself with your hoards of creatures. I couldnt be without mine either.

  31. Ive just caught up with your blog after what seems like AGES.... this was a great post, abit of everything thrown in.

    So sorry to hear about your sons accident, but how fortunate that he appears to be ok and not too badly damaged. Like you said, some people havent been so fortunate. Hopefully he's feeling better and you are feeling happy and content with life at the mo, i know its been abit 'down in the dumps' for you recently, but all things have a good side, just look harder and you'l see.


  32. Your blog is absolutely yummy! I love it :oD
    I so enjoyed this post. Your kitty and pup are particularly appealing as is your polka dot casserole. The embroidery is lovely.
    I also read your post below. I do hope your son is recovering well, poor thing. Such a shock for both of you.

  33. Glad to hear your son is ok!
    Must of been real scary stuff, I can' begin to imagine what you must of gone through.
    Just read about your neice 'Josie', I have to say i've been in tears, again something unimaginable, my heart goes out to you and your family.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  34. Sorrrry, I cant believe I missed a post from you!! How are things with you? How is George now, hopefully back to his normal self!! Glad thing are looking up for you, how is the job going and so pleased that hubby's job ok!!
    LOVE your spotty casserole pot and piccies are gorgeous!!
    Take care........Claire xx

  35. Hi there, I love your blog and I hope you dont mind, but I've added your blog to my blogroll on my site.

    Have a great weekend
    Take Care
    Melanie xx

  36. Just popping in to say Hi and hope you are having a lovely weekend.....Claire xx

  37. I was just wondering, do you know of anyone who is looking for a swap partner? I am longing to join this swapping lark, and any help you could give me would be greatly appriciated.

    Take Care
    Melanie xx


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