Monday, 10 November 2008

silver linings

I've been being a misery guts lately and didn't want to bore you with all my moaning, so sorry I haven't been around much.
If I told you I've been having endless blood tests and have got 3 days at the hospital this week before an operation on Monday to find out why my wayward womb is behaving so badly and a court case on Wednesday for the fighty, naughty 16 year old stinky boy who also got an £80 fine for being drunk and disorderly last week,(I'll be a bad mummy on Jeremy Kyle at this rate,hmmm, I better leave my dark roots a bit longer so I look the part) the dog's been having seizures, my one ear is making odd whooshing noises so loud,that I think everyone else can hear them,I've been looking after a neighbours very weak and poorly chicken and my house now smells of eggs..everywhere.. as it got out of it's little rest home in the laundry room, I won't even go into the new green gate saga(but its up and it opens)my mower broke down and cost a fortune to be fixed and it's now pouring with rain which means no work until the chest infection that has suddenly appeared has gone,great... I hope you'll understand why my blood pressure is sky high and I've been a grumpy old moo!!..aaahhh ..and breeeeeath.
Well the house isn't quite completely white..yet..but I have still been painting many things,including that bargain standard lamp I bought ages ago,(do you think I should do the lampshade spotty too??) ...making some more lampshades and pillowcases with some favourite Cath Kidston fabric for a bit of a change in the old boudoir and this little one for the laundry room and generally faffing about re-arranging the house,which is far too messy to show and tell at the mo!I've gone into nesting mode early.I have so ,so many things to do, to make, to clean ..but like a teen-age boy,I seem to be festering about in my pyjamas till lunchtime worrying about everything and seemingly doing nothing.

Well all this months' woe does have a good ending..every cloud has a silver lining as they say..
I've been given this lovely award by gorgeous Claire at serendipity loves New York..thankyou Claire!
I've also been asked to do a tag by the lovely and talented Viv at Hens teeth but I'm going to do it differently this time can ask the questions (That slightly mad and highly amusing lady called Emma at jellybellyjellybrain did this and it seemed to work really well!)
I'll know if I'm a real saddo if nobody asks anything now won't I!
Oh and I'll send a wee little something out to my favourite question...ooh prizes!
So if there is anything you want to know about little old me and my odd quirks,home, creatures or family..ask away and ask anything..but don't ask for my bank details as you'll be seriously disappointed,believe me.

And lastly,the shiniest, most silver of silver linings on this very wet and rainy, grey day... we may not have got our new mortgage,but the taxman who taketh, sometimes,just sometimes has to giveth a bit back..yay!
bugger it ..I'm off to do some online retail therapy!


  1. Sorry that your having a rough time....poor you.
    Your nest does look lovely tho...i think spotty on the a toadstool....lovely....i have a bench made up like that....i always feel like an imp sat on it...tho i don't suppose you will be wanting to perch on the lampshade....:>)) silly Mel....xxxx

  2. i think retail therapy is called for it will make you feel much better :-)
    definately spotty lampshade then I can come and steal it as its looking good :-)
    I have the same red stripey jugs as you - I cant seem to stop collecting more though!
    Lesley x

  3. When I got to your one ear I started laughing.... because you have too don't you?
    Sometimes when I list bad things I get hysterical with laughter as otherwise we'd all be killing ourselves.
    I do hope your naughty womb gets sorted or whipped out.
    Your home as ever looks fabulous.
    My house currently smells of wet dog and fried food. Nice.

  4. I know your having a bit of a rough time at mo but you have a great sence of humour and make it sound funny! Thats the only thing about being a women, we all seem to have problems with down below!!Funny about your ear as a few moths ago I woke up in a panic convinced a fly had flown in my ear, I was hysterical pleading with my hubby to help me, I must of looked like a complete lunatic to him waking from his sleep. Still dont know if it was a fly but it was an awful feeling like something was flapping around in my ear, I kept trying to pour water into it to it to drown the bloody thing!! nothing nasty ever came out so must of been wax!!!!
    Fab piccies of your home, love the lampshade...yes I could see a spotty shade on your bargain!! Hip hip hooray for the tax man!
    Question time: Where do you get your inspriations for your gorgeous home and style from?

    Have a good day....Claire x

  5. PS Glad I could help with your 'silver lining', thoroughly deserved....claire x

  6. Nesting is the best thing to do to make your self feel better....Sorry to hear that you have has a stressful time of it ;0(

    Not sure whether to email you a question so I will put one here...I would love to know what the best thrift shop vintage purchase you ever made?

    Not very exciting I'm afraid!

  7. I´m sorry for you that you feel so sad at the moment and taht you health is not in a good condition. I hope will be ebtter soon.
    I think you home is very nice.

  8. Alas, we also have 2 stinky boys, but they aren't teenagers anymore. If you'd like to email someone who's been through it (and been through it, etc...), please drop me a line.

    Your home is lovely and cheery.

    God bless you.

  9. Hello Sairer,
    Sorry to hear everything is not hunkydory with you at the moment; things can only get better... I've certainly been cheered up by reading your latest post which I have (as always) been awaiting eagerly so many many thanks to you.
    I think no to the spotty lampshade 'cos I think it would detract from the chair but I do think do something with the lampshade to jazz it up (that's not v helpful, is it but I know you'll come up with something great.)
    Question: I think you mentioned you were a window dresser. I'd love to know anything more about that: how you got into it, who you worked for, what you liked most about it, why did you give it up?
    Very very best wishes for your hospital trip...
    Hen xxx

  10. Nesting is the best medicine!
    I love the pics of your home.
    Hope all goes well ;-)

  11. Sorry to hear you are having a rough going phase. Teenagers eh?!
    I hope you recover well from the op and that you feel better soon.
    Your house is so gorgeous, I lust after it!

  12. I'm going to be sending you my lucky penny at this rate! You can have a rub of it (ooer) Not nice to have an op to go through but hope it get's all sorted.
    Re: lampshade... I say no, but some bobble trim around the bottom would be nice methinks...maybe red?
    And my question is..what where you like at school? Hardworking swot and teachers pet or round the back of the bike sheds and bunking off? (I think this may require uniform picture to illustrate!)
    Fingers crossed for you
    Deb x

  13. Sorry to hear that you´ve had a hard time. Sometimes life really gives the feeling like standing in front of a big, tall mountain. So hard to climb and no idea where to start best. So I am sending you all the best and more silver lines everywhere.
    I like your lamp shade just as it is, so very calm against the flowers and dots, which I love a lot, but a 'plain' spot amongst them always looks striking in my eyes.
    My question: Have you already found a final solution for your living/drawing/sitting room? And above all are there already new pictures,inspirations and suggestions in the row?

  14. You poor thing you......what a tough time. All I can say is I hope all gets sorted out and quickly for you.

    Question : (Ooooh I sounded like Beyonce then)!

    Name three pet hates:
    (go girl, get it out of your system)

  15. You poor old thing! Hope things will sort themselves out for you you say silver linings and all. I love the lyrics from the song Pennies from Heaven....."If you want the things you love, you must have when you hear it thunder don't run under a tree...they'll be pennies for and me". I'm going to add that one to my blog just for you!! Lucyxx

  16. My question: Why don't you sew more of your lovelies?! You could make a fortune! :-)

  17. Oh what a rough trot you're having! Not fair at all so I say make the most of your pyjama days, your body is telling you to take it easy. Do hope the op goes well and that stinky boy learns a lesson to give you a bit of peace.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures, I adore you house and garden and even if you're feeling rubbish, hope you know how your fun comments and gorgeous pics cheer me up!

    My question would be - what hardy perennial would you recommend for long summer colour (I'm a bit of a lazy gardener!) I love tall plants like hollyhocks and foxgloves but would love you to recommend something that might last a bit longer! Hope that's not too boring.

    love Stephx

  18. This is probably not a lot of comfort to you. But I have a very naughty stinky teenage boy too. So can sympathise totally.

  19. You could never do anything other than cheer us all up with these lovely pictures!! Go for it with the lampshade - then after Monday, sit under the lamp and read magazines for as long as it takes you to get all better! And if you can get a stinky boy to bring you cups of tea and big chunks of cake that "getting better" should be extended for as long as you you can make it last! A bit of pampering - that's what's called for! t.x

  20. Hi mother of stinky boy! Sorry to hear you are down in the dumps. We all love your pictures as you can see! and we are all thinking about you as you are miserable.

  21. Only just seen your post - bloglines must be playing up!

    Here's your probing question....

    Your house is on fire, apart from your loved ones, which one item do you rescue?

  22. Hi There,
    If you send me your address I have a little gift to cheer you up... ps, dont buy the new December/January English Home edition.

  23. Hi Sairer,
    I do SO hope that you will be feeling much better very soon. I am convinced that your amazing sense of humour is helping to keep you sane in your current run of bad luck! So my question(s) to you would be ' Was it something you were born with? Do you take after someone in your family for this gift? And who makes you laugh, either a famous comic or someone else?

    Thanks for the laughter anyway.
    Yes, cover the lampshade and add some more cheerful colour to your surroundings.
    Take care,
    Niki x

  24. Aww sorry to hear about your run of bad luck. You really don't need the stree when you are feeling ill.

    Regarding the lampshade - perhaps a red trim?

    Q. Where do you get your best inspiration from for your decorating?

  25. are you feeling today?
    Hopefully more perky?
    Thats a lot of things to cope with tho.....i'm thinking about you...

    Here is my question....

    How many Stanleys do you have living in your home?


  26. Hope you did lots and lots of online shopping to make you feel heaps better, sorry you're having such a tough time, hope you're all better soon.

    Q. When you feel like a little online retail therapy to cheer yourself up, which is the first website you log onto?

    Red spotty lampshade definitely, it will look so cosy during these cold winter evenings.
    Take care
    Jane. x

  27. You have a cute writing style and made me laugh out loud! I love the polka dots and the fresh white paint :) You don't see that much "over here".

  28. Hi Sairer, goodness me - you are going through it aren't you? I must ask the question; how many ears do you have? (Won't I feel embarrassed if you only have the one!) Great to talk to you the other week - hope I didn't surprise you too much! I'm sure if you keep up with the fantastic sense of humour then all will come good - karma is the word I think! I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested and would love to hear from you. Clare x

    PS. yes, cover the lampshade!

  29. Hi Sairer, goodness me - you are going through it aren't you? I must ask the question; how many ears do you have? (Won't I feel embarrassed if you only have the one!) Great to talk to you the other week - hope I didn't surprise you too much! I'm sure if you keep up with the fantastic sense of humour then all will come good - karma is the word I think! I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested and would love to hear from you. Clare x

    PS. yes, cover the lampshade!

  30. What a rotten time you're having! Amazing that you've kept your sense of humour - sometimes it's the only option in order to stay sane, isn't it?!

    Your home looks absolutely lovely, as usual, so stay in the PJ's and let everything else happen around you!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery from your op .. and a reformed & meek Stinky Boy!

    Willow xxx


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