Friday, 14 November 2008

H is for hens...

Thankyou for the help with tag questions..they have been highly amusing and have definitely given me food for thought for my next post..I need to hunt out some photos! I'm currently putting together a little themed parcel for the giveaway prize, I think I'll have to enter everybody who left a question can I choose between them?
So the general consensus is that the pink lampshade should be spotty..I was secretely hoping you would say that. I still haven't covered the chair properly yet, I did it in a spotty oilcloth only for it to rip almost instantly,so the seat part is sort of covered in fabric now but not the back ..yet. One of my little ex-battery hens died today, I was expecting it as she suddenly went very quiet and stopped eating,after they do that it's a matter of days before they go to the big hen house in the sky, you just have to keep them warm and try to feed them favourites like mashed potato or some mealworms.She didn't even want to put herself to bed last night so I helped her into the nice warm egg box,filled with clean straw.This morning Dolly was in there too with her one wing draped right across poor old Muriel who had died in the night,almost like she was keeping her warm or giving her a last hug.I'll never get used to hens dying, it does get easier each time but it's always sad when you find them.
So now we are 8.
8 happy,spoilt free-range ladies..


  1. I'm sosorry about your least she enjoyed her last days roaming free......and happy!

    Hope your feeling more yourself....those kinds of appointments are a trial....not good.....eekkkkk!

    Have a super weekend !xxxxx

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your hen but good on you for helping her end her days so well. My nan is called Muriel, it's a good old-fashioned name, isn't it?Teasing us about the next post, that's v naughty!
    Hen x

  3. Reading about your hen has made me all one of your other hens covered her with her wing.....

    Do you bury them in your garden?

  4. Oh no, poor thing :( At least her last days were happy! I think it's lovely that you keep ex-battery hens, such a sweet thing to do :)

  5. Wasn't that nice of Dolly to keep Muriel warm and loved. Even hens have a sisterhood!

  6. Well I should imagine that has just about topped your week off. Hope you are ok x

  7. So sorry to hear about Muriel .. I've lost quite a few over the last few years - one which I nursed through a couple of infections, and she recovered and lasted until the spring - I was always pleased she had felt the spring sunshine on her back one last time! The picture of the ladies coming through your door made me laugh, as it's exactly what mine do!
    Hope you have a peaceful weekend.
    Willow x

  8. Poor Muriel....but at least she died a happy, free hen.

  9. I had a hen called Murial, she was a calder ranger and quite a character. I love old fashioned names for chickens, they always remind me of a group of old gossiping women so need good old fashioned names in my opinion.
    Sorry to hear you lost this girl, its odd how chickens easily become loved pets.

  10. Sorry to hear about your poor Muriel, but at least you gave her a happy retirement.
    We lost one of our hens a few weeks ago, just in the way you describe - so we are down to 5 ladies.
    Take care,

  11. Sorry about Muriel, we only have one ex-battery in our little flock now, Hetty.Fingers crossed she will see out her second anniversay with us.

  12. sorry, to hear that from Muriel. But how you said. She is in the big Hen House in heaven now.
    It would be very sad if we would get use to looseing some one. Even it is "just" a pet.



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