Thursday, 21 August 2008


I meant to post this over a week ago ...before all the Basil business,he's much better and has the stitches out of his ankle on Friday, although he has been 'helping' the vet with taking them out slightly earlier than planned. When he's not trying to escape or paw any other cats (there are four other girlies to torment) or anyones leg that walks past,he spends his time lolling about on the bed looking cute (he's allowed out of his cage with supervision)..very cute indeed for an old chap of 13.He thanks you kindly for all your nice messages..

..even though he can't read 'human'...he knows that all the extra cuddles are lovely.x

So, anyway, what do you do when you have bills coming out of your ears..and you're bored of housework and gardening?
....why you spend pennies you haven't got on eBay of course! But I really did only spend pennies...honest!

This pretty tin arrived this week,
The 'stitching' is in fact painted on...

followed swiftly by this one...It says 'Take the home sweet home" along the sides with two blue birds at each end. I love pansies..even very battered and shabby looking ones!

Then this one arrived...Which matches rather nicely with the colours of these Russian dolls I think.

Aren't they lovely?
I know, I know..I'm very naughty..but how could I resist such lovely vintage finds? Especially when one of them was only 99p!

I love old tins and there are several around our house housing different things...sewing stuff, hairpins, buttons..some even have their original contents inside like these old Tala pastry cutters, although I dont think I'll be cutting any scones out with these rusty looking specimens! (actually they dont look that bad in this photo!)

These are Worcesterware tins,the small ones are very handy for hiding goodies of the chocolatey kind in!!

One of my all time favourite tins is this one... it's a Peek Freens biscuit tin, probably made in the 1950's.
I love the green..such a typical vintage shade, and the flowers are such jolly Spring colours, mind you, I can't say I've seen any butterflies buzzing around my crocuses in February! (that's artistic license for you!)

This one is an old Totnes thatched cottage shaped toffee tin..There's that scrummy vintage green again down the side..

This little silk-lined one houses an old medicine measure, it's a perfect fit!

the outside has been painted by hand, little flowers with a background colour of that old fashioned calamine pink.It still has the original label on the bottom from the Ladies work association.

I waited and waited for the right bread bin in this green at the right price to appear on eBay..I sold an old blue and white flour bin to a gentleman in Japan to pay for this one..then just like buses, along came another tin on my wish list..this time a Tala cake tin!

If I see something I like but the prices are too high for my budget, maybe something in a magazine or in a boutique style shop,I write it down in my little book, my 'wish list' of pretty things and then I keep an eye out until I see one at the right can take maybe only days..sometimes months and often even a year, but I get great satisfaction when I can cross it off the wish list and know it cost me a lot less! what is it they say..good things come to those that wait? (hmm..I wonder if that applies to life?!!)
Right, I must find the stinky boy G..he's avoiding me and it happens to be GCSE results day...(not a good sign) and then I'm off to catch up with some of your lovely seems like a few of my favourites have disappeared but I have found..or rather, have been found by, in a round-about-bloggers-kind of way, some lovely new ones to keep me up 'til the early hours..I must share them at some point and put them on my side bar!
Have a great week and wonderful sunny bank holiday(well we can hope can't we!)


  1. Hello,
    I love all your tins! I pick up interesting ones as well when I run across them, but haven't got near the lovely collection that you do -- not so many available here in the States, I think? Guess we're more Tupperware folks -- sadly.
    Your blog is lovely -- thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, that kitty-boy tummy is so inviting! I really love older kitties, one of my best ever came to us when he was at least 12 years old.

    Fabbo tins! Sometimes we just have to spend a little bit on something frivolous. We're not going to break the bank that way, and every time you look at that beautiful frivous thing you can remember how life goes on, and more money (somehow!) will come in.

  3. What a tart Basil is!
    I love finding bargains on ebay.
    This week I have won 3 metres of pink linen for 99p and 3 metres of blue stripe for .... wait for it ... 1p !!

  4. Basil is so lovely.....I am so pleased he is on the mend.

    I too like tins but am currently on a ebay ban as I got carried away last month with old gardening books...God only knows why as my garden is just a mass of weeds....but I like the theory!

    I love that vintage green colour.....

  5. I have tea,coffee and sugar tins in that Cranbourne pattern.We use them everyday.
    So glad that Basil is on the mend.

  6. You've got a very nice collection of tins, I love old tins too and have quite a few now. My friend came up trumps a few weeks back, she called into our local junk shop and rescued an old cream and green tin bread bin HE WAS THROWING IN THE SKIP!! He couldn't believe people would actually want it (needs to read a few blogs methinks)

  7. Hi
    I'm sorry to hear about poor Basil glad he's on the mend he looks adorable in those pics. Sometimes I spend hours on Ebay looking for vintage finds you have so many nice tins the worcestershire ones are my favourite.

  8. I do the same thing, I like to be inspired by those posh mags and try and find alternatives. I hate to pay full price, i'm always looking for a bargain. The green bread bin is gorgeous btw!

  9. This is a gorgeous post, I am positively drooling! As coincidence would have it, I have been trying to get some vintage tins myself over recent weeks. I got the Tucker's of Totnes cottage on Ebay a couple of days ago and am pacing the hall each morning hoping it shall arrive. Just love the crocus one, it's on my own wish list now!
    Thanks for such a fab read.
    Hen x
    P.S. Basil is too cute, glad he's on the mend.

  10. Wow, after looking at your photos of your tins, I am ready to start a collection of my own now. I love the Totnes thatched cottage one and the graduating ones that match with the roses. Lovely, Kathryn.
    Oh, and Basil is GORGEOUS!

  11. So pleased to see Basil on the mend.

    Your tins are gorgeous. Isn't that ebay just the greatest? (or the worst, depending on how you look at it ;)

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  12. Your home and collections are an inspiration.

  13. lovely tins, my favourite has to be the crocus one.

  14. Basil has melted my heart - I'm so glad hes on the mend!! I also have a ebay addiction - I just love finding bargins and getting parcels!!!

    You blog is a pleasure to read!! Sam xx

  15. Basil has melted my heart - I'm so glad hes on the mend!! I also have a ebay addiction - I just love finding bargins and getting parcels!!!

    You blog is a pleasure to read!! Sam xx

  16. Basil is the business! What a dear cat he is, I am so glad he is recovering well. You have a real eye for detail, I don't think I would have put two and two together with the butterflies fluttering around crocus! I don't have room for stuff like vintage tins in my kitchen, but I do like the nostalgia element of them. Pray for some sunshine and less rain, to keep you off of Ebay, for a while at least! x

  17. Ooh, all your tins are sooo lovely, particularly the Worcester ware ones - I am quite green with envy - in the nicest possible way of course! Glad Basil is getting better.
    Lucy x

  18. The tin you have besides your bed is lovely... and I really like the cottage one too!Looks like yu have a big collection
    Good to hear your cat is on the mend ; I know all about Vet bills- they cost a fortune!

  19. Please come and visit my blog I have awards for you xx

  20. I love your tins - they are all so individual. I actually have a tin the same as one of them - the one with the vase of pansies on, it was my mothers. It is a Blue Bird Toffee tin. The factory (until around 1998) was only about 8 miles from where we live so Blue Bird Toffee was in all our local corner shops. The Blue Bird Toffee factory is still a landmark even though the toffee is no longer made there.

  21. He is just the sweetest thing! I'm so glad he's doing well!

    M ^..^

  22. You have a fabulous collection of tins and I do rather share your fetish for vintage tins myself!
    It did amuse me that we are probably eyeing up the same tins on ebay... I have bought a few lovely specimens recently..
    Best regards to Basil.. he is such a handsome boy and so pleased he is recovering well..

    Michele x

  23. Hi Sairer,
    Lovely to see Basil looking so content - glad that he is making a full recovery.

    Your collection of tins is staggering - each one is so pretty - and good for you finding those bargains! I particularly like the first tin that looks like it has been stitched around the edges - not seen one like that before....

    Enjoy the BH tomorrow.
    Hope sonny-boy's results were good!
    Niki x

  24. Hi! I've just discovered your blog and seeing all your gorgeous photos makes me happy so… I want to pass the "Tree of Happiness" award on to you. You can read about it at Sugar and Meringue.

    Take Care!

  25. Lovely tins! especially all those brightly coloured flowers! I love that part of the enjoyment is the bargain price! I'm completely in agreement. I do begrudge paying more than a few pennies, but sometimes I can be persuaded, eventually, if I must! Glad to see the cat is making excellent recovery. It kind of comes naturally to a cat to get all that attention so he looks very happy! t.x

  26. Oh..., I`m so glad that your cat is making a good recovery.
    Your tins collection is beautiful!
    If you go to my blog you will be able to see some of my tins.
    By the way... Your blog its very pretty!
    Debbie Moss

  27. what a super collection of tins! I really enjoyed seeing them. I love tins too. Maybe we should all have a "tin week" where we post pics of the tins we have managed to find? Hope you found the boy!

  28. I've been after red worcester ware tins for years but they're usually either too faded, too scratched or too expensive! I'll probably stumble across them someday I suspect. I'm a bit of a Tala fan and can't resist anything cream/green so I love all your tins in various different greens...very pretty. x

  29. Hello...i'm new to this....your blog is amazing...i really love the mum finds me the odd one here and there on the car boots.....i think the vintage ones have more of a story to tell!
    I was watching a repeat of Foyles war the other night and in the 1040's kitchen on a shelf there was a fine collection of tins just like yours!
    Ilove programs like that!

    if you get the chance please pop by and say hi!!!

  30. I love anything with a floral pattern on....and have a very laid back husband! bless him!!!!

    I'm loving these blogs!!!! i fear it may take over my life!!!! :>}

    Thank you for your sweet comments!!

  31. Beautiful collection of tins!
    Glad to see Basil is on the mend.

  32. What a joy to come across another vintage tin 'junkie' like myself LOL!!! We even share a few of the same tins...tuckers of totnes and the worcesterware ones :) I love the pastry cutters & tin...they're all GORGEOUS!!!! Some of my fav tin buys have been from the UK on ebay...just can't have too many LOL!!! I'm sooo glad I found your blog...I'll be visiting more often :)Cheers, Marian xx

  33. I'm glad to read that Basil is on the mend - give his fluffy tummy a tickle for me!

    I also love tins - my DH says that I'll buy anything if it's in a tin!

  34. So lovely to find a site with another collector of vintage tins! I am in South Africa and love to visit the local charity shops to add to my collection! Vintage tins are delightful! Keep well :)


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