Monday, 9 June 2008

Vintage...Sundays thrifty finds

I went to my first proper massive car boot sale in ages yesterday,pursuading the smaller stinky boy to come with me treasure hunting. It was packed out, but I must admit it was one of those car boots where it's mostly cuddly toys or clothes..I got some bargainous goodies though!..

not quite vintage but I couldn't pass these by with my love of red and white polka dots!
another Vernon kitsch it hurts! This little vintage carved plaster mirror was a bartering, just a pound!! was gold and very chipped, but I really like it now I've painted it white.
This was the bargain of the day, stained and stuck behind glass in a heavy oak tray, the chap gave it to me for free!!..(I'm a ace flirt!!) the tray wasn't very nice, so that's gone, this is it now washed ..(not ironed though!)and I'm going to frame it for the wall.
I collect these old signs for the garden,no sooner had I bought it, a chap wanted to by it off me..sorry matey..I know a bargain when I see one!

I was chuffed with my hoard and on heading back we spied that there was a note stuck on the windscreen of The Beast (my old truck)..

I was parked well out of the way near the exit....but that day happened to be the day the worst driver in Worcestershire was out and about and he had somehow managed to smash my front light..I was chuffed he'd had the descentsy to leave a note.. but not so chuffed when I realised the number he had given was a fake one! obviously he did it in full view of others and was going through the process of being humanly by 'leaving his details'... AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!...what an Ar.....bottom vent..he's a bottom vent..poo shute, whatever.. but you get my drift..this is a family blog.

So my thrifty finds at cheap as chips prices have turned out very expensive in the end..

oh well..!!


  1. I call my ds a stinky boy too lol, you got some fab bargains there, what a 'poo shute' as you say, that man was!!!!!! nasty person!!! hope it doesn't cost too much to get fixed

  2. I am really sorry about your car. You are about the fourth blogger who has had damage done to their cars in a matter of weeks. We would call the driver an a*** wipe! As you say very expensive finds, but good ones none the less, I especially like the mirror and I would have that sign up in my garden too, they are hard to come by these days. You may have to sell your goodies to pay for the front light? x

  3. Oooh, what a ****! Probably wasn't insured anyway. I'm loving all those thrifty bits btw. Ahh, Vernon! Good job I wasn't there or I'd have elbowed you out of the way for that enamel sign too!! x

  4. What a shame your day was ruined by that nasty driver. I hope whats been around comes around for him!
    Great bargains, love the little embroidered picture it'll look lovely framed.
    Great blog btw, I've been lurking for a while now ;-)

  5. I love your red and white polka dot finds but I think my favourite has to be the sign - especially as the Express and Star is our local paper. Sorry to hear about your car. Poo shute indeed.

  6. Don't let the car thing spoil your enjoyment of your fabbo finds (LOVE those polka dots!). Just pretend the breaking of the headlight happened somewhere else, like the mall. Or the place my car was bashed into once--in the parking lot of the auto repair shop where I'd left it to have something else fixed!

  7. What is wrong with people these days?
    I hate this, 'I don't care' attitude that prevails today.

    I'm not allowed to go to car boots.Good job really as I have stuff packed away in boxes from our move.

  8. I NEED to come to that car boot - the ones here are quite totally rubbish! I love all of you things and it's a toss up wether the Vernon Ward or embroidered octtage garden is my favourite. Fab, but not so fab about the lying toe-rag. Just think karma, he'll get his cummupance (no idea how you spell that!) in the end.
    Enjoy you finds (how's the house sale process going btw?)

  9. Hi - picked up on someones braodbad signal so having a quick bloggy time - thanks for the info on the wisteria - we were satu nder it yesterday it was nice and shady and it smelt lovely whic was a pleasant surprise. Exams will be over soon - fingers crossed for you all. Love your bargains - hate the bloke -we know it was a bloke dont we!! love the embroidery best of all.

  10. Ah just think, it could have been worse. you could have trawled all around the boot sale and not bought a thing, and then found some "poo shute" had wrecked your car. What goes around comes around, something bad will happen to him I bet. At least you've got your fantastic bargains to drool over :)

  11. Sorry to hear about the car. Some people are so horrible. But you did get some lovely things though which I guess makes up for it a bit. I really love the mirror especially.

  12. You had some super finds, but I'm sorry about the car - what a horrible person! I once saw someone do that in a parking lot (hit a parked car & then leave very quickly). The owner wasn't around so I left a note with the car type & registration number hoping that it would help them to trace the culprit.

  13. what a buzz with the sign! and what a b*****d with the light!
    I love the mirror - I think it is great when someone can see potential in something like that - I think I lack in that department...


  14. oh dear, that's a shame about your car, I wonder how that person sleeps at night knowing what he/she has done.

    I love the red polka dot.

    Racheal x

  15. the homely year12 June 2008 at 20:25

    What a rotter! And what a pain for you.
    The bargains you found are lovely though.
    Hope you can soon sort out your car.
    Margaret and Noreen

  16. I love the mirror. Car boots are fab never no what you will find.

  17. AAhh fab finds, but sorry to hear about your car. How terrible!
    Love Alison x

  18. I'm not religous but I do believe that you get back what you put out there, so that pooh-shute man will get his just desserts one day!


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