Saturday, 14 June 2008

Houston....we have a problem (or three)

Thanks for all your messages recently, especially if I havent got round to getting back to you already..It's been one of those weeks and its all a bit upside down at the moment here..poor old stinky boy came back from his holiday with a nasty infection he'd picked from the pool water that he didnt really want to tell us about..a bit embarrassing you see, finally when he did pluck up the courage as he was unable to take a was too late to get to the doctors and visits to hospitals in the middle of the night ensued..hes now on the list for a small operation..he did make me laugh though by sheepishly saying " mum I didn't really want to become Jewish now" I had to explain it doesnt quite work like I guess now you know what little operation he'll be having! poor bike riding for a while..ouch!
Funny really as this was one of his Birthday cards back in May...!We've had no luck locating a light for my truck..that was such a pain..with it being an old truck, its a salvage or ebay job and it's now not going to pass its MOT without it either! aghhh.. it's my work truck !!
Bad Karma on its way to 'Steve' the 'breaking-of-lights-at-car-boot-sales' person as we speak. hmm.

The house sale really isn't going well either..lots of people have looked round but no-one seems to want to buy at the moment..the credit crunch seems to be kicking in big time..I'm not really that concerned though..which probably doesn't help matters as I really should be! So here she sits waiting patiently for her new owner...
I've managed to get on with a little bit of way overdue sewing..Kathy if you're reading this..I have made that lampshade cover!! (not this one..the other one!) I'll put some more bits and bobs in my blogshop when I get round to it.
ok enough of the moaning...we've got free tickets the Malvern show tomorrow..Yay! it's the summer one with cute animals as well..I'm on the hunt for a pet have been warned!

Now thats what I call a great swap.. a dozen eggs for a couple of tickets..thankyou my nice new neighbour!


  1. Ouch, bless him! I bet he's glad you've shared that with the world!

    If I could sell my house you could have a buyer as we need to move more central, towards Wales, but nothing seems to be selling so we're stuck too...hope you get nice weather for the show, they're a nice day out aren't they? What would all the girls think to a turkey arriving I wonder!

    Ps. I don't think Betty's anything special(!) just a leghorn hybrid and definitely a hen - or I don't know where those lovely white eggs appear from. I won't mention tablecloths...!

  2. Ouch for your son! My nephew had to have the same operation when he was about 15.

    Regarding the house, we took 2 years to sell ours and in the end told the estate agent don't bother sending anyone round who wasn't in a position to buy. We had so many carpet treaders and biscuit munchers it was unbelievable.
    Your house doesn't feel like your own when it is for sale.

    There are a couple of houses near us that have only just sold after 14 months on the market and usually they get snapped up in this area as they rarely come for sale.

  3. Oh your post did make me giggle... I know I shouldn't but your poor son, does he know you blogged about his problem? I had to read this post aloud as my partner wanted to know what all the giggling was about. I love your blog!!!

    I think there is a mega housing problem at the moment, I have a few friends who all have different priced houses and they are all saying the same thing as you. We were contemplating moving at one point but the stress of it all does not appeal, so we have decided to stay put and make the house suitable for us.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Hi, Your poor son, but apparently "they" make better lovers.............
    And you could always call him "shiny" from now on.....
    Yep I am reading about the lampshade. Can't wait! Kathyx I will now try to email you.

  5. Your house and garden are beautiful, I usually like older houses but you have made it really cozy and full of character. You've done a winderful job! What are you planning on moving in to?

    Ps I hope stinky boy is less stinky in that department and I hope it isn't too painful for him.

    Sian x

  6. Oh dear, very old to be having 'that kind' of procedure! I hope it goes well!

    Its been ages since ive been on blogger, had my first week at work! You can read all about over at my blog. im looking forward to sending some of my hard earned pennies your way when i get my first wage, il be checking on your blog shop as often as possible!


  7. Oh.. reading this brought tears to my eyes for poor stinky boy!

    It reminded me of when my son was five years old and told me he didn't want to have his testicles out.. could that mean tonsils??


  8. oooh! poor stinky boy!

    love the house! - I have decided not to even think about moving for a long while, and just make the most of this one, even though it is too small, bad location etc day...


    ps - good luck with the head light - vehicles were put onto this planet to provide us with easy transport with the pay off of beeing expensive nightmarish beasts!
    My lovely red van with a NEW battery still needs a jump start almost every time I start her up - My dad even bought me jump leads for Christmas...

  9. Poor boy - hope he feels well soon! Bet he's REALLY glad his mum's a blogger! ;-)

    Your house looks so pretty - I just think that the housing market is really slow right now.

  10. dont worry..I asked approval first before posting this one!! I wouldnt blog it otherwise..although he may go over the hills in his old man halloween mask for the next ten years!


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