Tuesday, 29 January 2008

man flu and Stanley

eugh. I have contracted the dreaded man flu, Its doing the rounds in our house.I have spent the whole day browsing the Internet,reading blogs and sneezing,trying to sniff with a totally bunged up but running nose (how does that work then??) a head that feels ten sizes too big and a husky voice that some people would pay good money to hear down the phone! I'm looking too scary to venture outside, I may scare small children and animals so I have had the day wrapped in an eiderdown with kitties around me to look at the new goodies on Cath kidstons' website and Greengates' delightful lovelies...I have a long list of wantings!

I am So gutted though..Stanley has gone from the website....boo hiss....I really wanted a Stanley on wheels, he's been on my wish list for a while..looks like a job for the weekend..a bit of mdf and a jigsaw. hmmmm we'll see. I'm just going to cry every time I read sophie honeysuckles lovely blog and see him sitting there all cosy on her mantelpiece. I also have an absolute desire to learn to crochet..in particular granny squares..everyone tells me its so easy and quick yet no-one shows you how! now that Caths' extortionately expensive afghan blankets have disappeared too, I think it will be my mission to learn this year..a sort of new years resolution! I think she needs to break it to us gently when she discontinues things..we have to have time to save up, six months isn't always enough.. right, rant over I think I'll join Basil on the sofa as he looks all warm and cute and having man flu in this house means you get no sympathy for being a big girls blouse..budge over Beenz,I promise I 'll let you share my eiderdown!


  1. Howdy
    join the club, I have the most awful flu...and am busy taking care of everyone else, only get to rest after 8pm.
    Thats being a mom I guess..sigh..
    You may find Stanley items at other outlets that stock Cath Kidston items, for eg Avoca in ireland has the lunch boxes etc, I have been meaning to jump on a bus and get to Dublin to make some purchases!
    take care and feel better soon.

  2. That cat's got the right idea! Feel as though I'm coming down with he dreaded lurgy - Aaaargh!
    Julia x

  3. Ew!!! bing ill is yuk. Stanley...what can I say, her PR people got that wrong...

  4. So lovely cats !:)


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