Thursday, 31 January 2008

An English Summer holiday

I really adore wooden houses, something the Scandinavians and Americans seem to have down to a rarely see them here in the UK as each region has its own style usually created from the stone local to that area. I would love to live in a clapboard house with white painted tongue and grooved walls inside and brightly coloured accessories, particulary red with various shades of blue, a bit of bunting and some vintage toys and books.To me it seems so timeless and I can never imagine becoming bored of that look.
It's way out of our budget, but I've always wanted to stay here: it looks so very British seaside holiday..buckets and spades and union jack paper flags at the can just feel the sand in your toes looking at this gorgeous place (even though the beach is a pebble one!).If it belonged to me, I wouldn't dare leave all those lovely furnishings for strangers to use, I would want to live here all the time, salty sea air and that lovely bright sea light streaming through your windows. oooh roll on summer...and please don't rain forever like last year!

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