Thursday, 8 May 2014

Since then...

this stuff has been happening...

well, I went back to France and I brought my mum home with me to live here whilst her house got sold.
I even had to drive my dad's car on the 'wrong' side of the road over there. Scary stuff. Good job my brother was there for a bit to give me lessons
I became even more obsessed with shutters.
It was gorgeous weather there and very pretty.This is Bergerac.

When I got home my car which refused to start, had to go to the scrappers. £2500 to fix it? I don't think so.  It cost me £146 to tell me that and I got £150 scrap for it. Hmmm a lot of bad things happened that month and I seem to remember crying quite a lot! 
I'm now sharing Pete's fancy pants one which he had to change just for me.
There's dog fur in it. And grass clippings. And the odd insect. 
He moans at me....A lot
There's a downside to this car sharing malarky though,taking bald bloke 80 miles to work at 3am every Monday morning and back again then having to pick him up again on a Friday. Great fun.
His workmates have witnessed my Beano pyjamas and sheeps wool hair first hand.Nice.

Two became three...

That's Frank there in the bike basket.He's great. A bit bonkers but he fits right in here.
He instantly became one of the gang.

Three became two  :(
Oh My heart broke. Really broke. Bellas heart broke too but Frank helped mend hers. On Reds last day she lay next to him and never left his side. The vet said you'll know when it's time, he'll let you know and it's so true. I had to carry him back from his last walk and he'd stopped eating. He had a look in his eyes that said that's it, I've had fun but I've had enough now. He had cancer in his lungs. 
14 and a half isn't bad going but it's still not long enough in my book.
Poor old Red.xx

Inbetween the rain (cor its rained and rained here)
the builders came and did a bit of bashing walls about.
With them, the dust arrived by the ton and got everywhere and I mean Everywhere. Particularly in my lungs making me sound like a 60 a day fag hag.
Got rid of a door and gained a radiator (or two) ooh I  love these repro school radiators.

I lived in one room for a week with 3 rooms of stuff in there as well and no heating. Not something I want to repeat in a hurry!

The window blokes came too.
More dust arrived but I now have French windows! Ta-da!
See that mud? Urgh. Yep the renovations certainly took their toll on my poor little neglected garden. Along with the rain, the wind and storms came and finished off that garden wall for me.The one that had just been finished and I reversed into it a while back. Oops. That's on the repair list but at least we have plenty of bricks to rebuild it with now!

I sanded and painted, you might notice the grey stayed in the end but it's a bit lighter.

 I made lampshades,painted mirrors and moved pictures.

The carpet bloke came.
And the sofa men too.
The dust is still here and there's still lots to finish,little bits of painting and colourful pretties to add but it's made such a massive difference to the light in our little house.
Oh the fox came too..early in the morning and just for fun, not for food it seems, so I have only 2 girlies now. Not nice.
The last few weeks I've been emptying endless packing boxes for my mum who now lives in Ledbury, one of my favourite places just down the road. We've done far too much scone testing in the local cafe, it'll have to stop I keep telling her but there's always one more that needs sampling... Just in case.
So I've Been a busy bee see ? 
 I don't do stress very well which is why I disappeared for a while but I thought I would pop by my old blog and post a few tales. Like ya do.

Cheerio for now xx


  1. Welcome back! Hope things smoothe out for you soon.

    1. Thanks Kathleen! Things are rippled here.. Never smooth but life would be boring then wouldn't it!!

  2. Glad you did. House stuff looks fab !! Sorry to read about Red, cherish those lovely memories. New ones now with Frank !!

  3. sorry to hear about red. Love the changes with the house, definiately cannot see any chintz, grey is very restful I find,

    1. I agree, I'm a grey convert now..took a while mind you, as for the chintz it's in hiding Louise! There's some 50s floral barkcloth lurking around waiting to be faffed with though! X

  4. Nice to catch up. Very sorry about Red though. We're in the middle of house changes - complete with dust - and spenttoday Iin Ledbury. We ate crepes though, not scones.

    1. Mmmmm I love crepes! I'll have to hunt those out in Ledbury.. For testing purposes of course ;)
      Good luck with the dust, it's hideous isn't it? X

  5. Sorry to hear about Red, he looks like he was very happy in the photos. My dog is 14 & a half and is half blind, half deaf and has lost some use in her back legs. So we have to carry her up and down the steps to pee in the garden. Good job she's a Mini Schnauzer and not a Labrador!

    Love the grey sofa. Hope the dust has gone by now. x

    1. Aww poor doggie it's sad when they get to that age isn't it ? poor old Red went downhill very quickly, only 2 weeks before he died he was on top of the Malvern hills, half blind and very deaf like your girl but bounding around like usual...pinching sandwiches ...amazing how their noses are the last thing to go !

  6. Hi lovely one
    Very grand house stuff going on. Very sad to hear about Red, boy it takes a long time to come to terms with it so glad youo have the other two to help. Bloody fox as well. I knew an old lady whose dog killed all her hens so she buried him (I forgot to ask if he died at her hands?) under the run to let the new hens peck away. She was nuts, but lovely too. Big hugs to you plus blowing a kiss on the wind x

    1. Oh my! That's harsh, poor naughty dog! Mind you the sheepdog we owned as kids killed our hens, he had to live in the run for a bit and he hated it, you only had to make the noise of a hen and his ears went right flat against his head after that! Thanks for the kiss lovely lady, the wind blew it west xx

  7. Oh my hello you! Sorry to read of trials and tribulations but good to know that you are ok and doing 'stuff'.
    Take good care
    Best wishes

    1. Oh hello to you too ms custard! Xx
      Did you spot my mary warren spinners? Love that fabric can't believe some of those prints are 60 years old they look so now don't you think?

  8. I've checked back from time to time and YAY, you're back. I really enjoy your blog. I have visited tonight to see how the chickens are as i am thinking about having some in my garden, I past you out shopping in Malvern recently but didn't like to say hi as it felt a bit 'stalkerish' LOL

    1. Oh you should have said hello! I was probably walking along in my own little world with a face like a trout as usual! Unless you caught me buying cake of course, then I'd be smiling!

    2. haha, you're a girl after my own heart - Cake Love!

  9. Hello, found your blog when I was looking for vintage scales, I have some just like yours and I love them! Going to make a cuppa now and have a good old nosey through your lovely posts, X

  10. I was so glad to see your post with your news and update. I lost my Dad 3.5 years ago and it still makes me cry when I hear someone else moving on without theirs. Your house is looking gorgeous, those French windows look like they have been there forever, that era of house deserves them. Good luck


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