Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Feeling festive twice over

Hooray! I'm actually looking forward to Christmas, now that makes a change doesn't it?
Probably because I'm actually seeing some of my spread-all-over-the-world  family this year. My not so little Canadian based brother is coming to stay, (he's nothing like me.. tall,dark and sporty as opposed to short, fat and blonde) but with the same stupid sense of  humor, we laugh soooo much when we're together
The oldies are trundling over from France and hopefully I'll even see my sister from Thailand too.Yay!
 We are having 2 Christmasses, a family one and a gifty one..mainly because pay day falls 4 days later than the big day and someone forgot to save any money up because of urgent plumbing repair jobs and a getting carried away with a certain room being
 Oh well, it will be fun having two festive days.We'll be like the Queen and celebrate things twice.

We even have two trees this year, the big fake one we bought in the sale last year and a little frosty larch one. I found some blue baubles in the loft from about 15 years ago and decided to go a bit patriotic and a bit kitsch in the dining room....

behold the Kitschmas Twee;

you can't see the bottom as I ran out of red spotty ribbon!

I sooo love these 1950's paper balls

some decorations get sneaked on the tree every year
and are looking a bit worse for wear 'well loved' these days

you can't beat a blue flocked reindeer
meanwhile, in t'other room, grey stag head has his headlights on ready...
  and it's all a bit sensible and frosty looking (still no blinds...)
don't tell the chickens!!!

...and it was all a bit frosty looking last week here too...loverley

 We are training Belle to wear her jingly Christmas antlers but she spends most of the time thinking someone is behind her. When they do fall off, she tears round the house with them in her mouth making sounds more like of a herd of Santa's reindeer.
Butter wouldn't melt hey?
 Old man Red, being very nearly 14 very deaf and almost blind will sit for ages in them but really is more bothered about getting his tea on time. My first ever post was about Red in his flashing Christmas hat, must be 5 years ago now...crikey!

it wasn't me...
 He has the delightful aroma of cabbage about him lately, lets hope humans don't end up stinking of cabbage when they reach 13 and a half in dog years... maybe it'll be sprouts after next week. Just for a change.

 Hopefully I'll pop back a bit more often next year but just for now ...
Happy Christmas to you...have fun! xx


  1. Merry Christmas Sairer to you and yours - especially those emitting a cabbage you say it's probably only a matter of time.....;-)

    1. haha thanks Lynn...some people in this house are definitely there already and I'm not talking hounds there... happy christmas to you and your furries x

  2. I like the way cat is determinedly turning a back to such frivolity in Bella's photo. Yesterday was great here wasn't it - pity about today though. Can we really take any more rain. Hope you have a great family Christmas.

  3. I love the little fox ornament, and your doggie looks so sweet! Merry Christmas!

  4. Love the kitschmas twee and your dogs look very festive!

    Hope you enjoy your 2 Christmases and that the cabbage aroma isn't too overpowering!

    Love Claire xxx

  5. Love the pics of red, doesnt look very amused though, and do I spot a cat on the new sofa.
    Merry Christmas

  6. Your dogs are gorgeous, very cuddlesome looking! Happy Christmas in return!

  7. hurrah! I so love it when I check your blog and see there's a new post - thank you and Merry Christmas xx

  8. Hello Sairer
    Hope you had a great Christmas with your loved ones.
    I am not very good at this blogging lark of late...just trying to survive... but hopefully will get back to it as I do enjoy it
    Just wanted to wish you

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!
    ★ ┊    ★ ┊┊   ★ ┊  ★ ┊    

    ┊   ┊ ☆   ☆┊ ┊     ★┊  

      ★ ┊    ★ ┊ ★ ┊ ★ ┊

    ┊   ┊ ☆   ☆┊    ★┊ ☆ ☆ 

    ☆┊   ☆   ★ ┊    ★ ┊┊ ☆   

    ┊   ┊ ☆   ☆┊    ★┊★┊ ★

    ☆┊ ☆   ★ ┊    ★ ┊ ☆


  9. Humble apologies for not popping round sooner for tea and cake - I seemed to have missed your Christmas, trip to White Stuff (very nice - though sorry about the migraine) and all events in between. Glad to see that you are merrily blogging away again and also wondering if you have taken the scissors to your fabric? Be was built just for that.
    Keep posting and many thanks for your kind comments - tea and cake on me next time!
    Best wishes


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