Monday, 27 August 2012

Pensioner's day out

  Now and again Bald bloke and I, like to go out on little trips which we refer to as our 'Pensioner days out'.
We like to live the high life, going out for tea and cake don't you know...
 Well, after lots of debating on our half an hours drive limit (gawd forbid I get a blinking headache if we dare to venture further) we decided on Burford House Garden Store.  
The interiors shop
 It's not far from Ludlow, in Tenbury Wells (there's also a Burford near Oxford) and it was far more than just a 'garden store', much to our delight.
I could have spent a small fortune there, quite easily.

the reclamation yard
We were traveling behind a horrendous thunder storm and when we arrived it looked like they had had the worst of it already. There was a lot of mopping and sweeping water out of the shop and cafe going on.
 The garden centre was lovely and quite reasonable,there were lots of plants that I had been looking for locally and everything had been reduced but what we didn't expect was finding a fabulous Georgian house that was an interiors outlet store, selling wonderful Newgate clocks, mirrors, candles and vintage-looking homewear, A children's wear shop with the most gorgeous clothes and toys I've ever seen, a wonderful reclamation yard (we both LOVE having a mooch in those) and a pretty riverside garden to stroll around attached to the house.

  There's no charge to enter the gardens and they were shabby but lovely.
 Old English country house style which is just what I love. I used to maintain a garden like this and they are super-high maintenance, by the time you'd taken a month to get round the whole thing, the weeds in the first part you did were two foot high and it was time to do it all again.

  If I hadn't of got my most un-sensible flip-flops on (considering the thundery weather!) I'd have got stuck in with the weeding. I love a challenge like that.
 Pete spotted this great hand painted vintage tin sign attached to a door in the reclamation part. It's about 30" high. Knowing how much I love old graphics and tatty stuff he made the lethal mistake of pointing it out to me...

 A little bit of cheeky bartering later and it came home with us for probably a quarter of the price you'd have got it on eBay for.

It was a bit bent,covered in grease and filthy but very 'us'.He spent the afternoon gently cleaning it up with petrol of all things. An insanely cheap Victorian terracotta flower pot came too.

In the main house, I also spotted a mirror that I'd been hunting for. I have the little version but really wanted the big wall version for the bathroom. (You'll have to imagine the big one as it's still all wrapped up safely)
the little version
Ages and ages and ages that's been on my wishlist, so when we found it there for half price it was too good an opportunity to miss. Bald bloke just gives me that knowing look when I start whining on about 'wish lists' and the like. I promised to live off beans on toast for a week and it came home with us aswell.

The cafe was quite nice too..the cup of tea was pants but the cake was lovely!
(In my best Homer Simpson voice Mmmm Caaaaaake!)
The cafe with it's lovely Lloyd loom chairs
   I'd thoroughly recommend having a mooch if you're over that way anytime!


  1. I'll have to remember the beans on toast promise!
    Looks like a fab day out.

    1. hmmmm I'm not very good at keeping the beans on toast promise Ellie but it does the trick when you've got a serious case of the wanties! x

  2. It sounds like a looooovely place. I love a good mooch, and if the afternoon includes a cuppa and a piece fo cake, I'm all over it! Em

  3. Love that place though the temptation to bankrupt oneself is great. I have a friend who lives nearby so it's a great meeting place. Just waiting for an excuse to buy some of the lovely baby clothes and the garden centre is very good.

  4. Hello Saira
    Sounds like a wonderful lovely time was had by you both
    Have a great week ahead

  5. What a lovely day out, and love your bargain buys!

    Claire xxx

  6. oh must make a note of this for when we go to shropshire next year!

  7. This sounds like my perfect day out! Cake, vintage goodies, beautiful garden AND reclamation patch! Slightly green with envy now...:) I too pull out the old 'beans on toast' promise, but I hate beans, so hubby knows it's an empty one! As long as it works though! Enjoy your lovely purchases! Tania ♥

  8. What what a lovely day out you had. My kind of day, especially when you come home with some goodies. Thanks for sharing.
    Patricia x

  9. It sounds like an absolutely glorious adventure! Congratulations on the loot - I do the same with my 'wishlists'! ;)


  10. Hello,
    It sounds like a lovely day. Your pics are gorgeous. i have been an aspiring Granny since about age 20 and I love a good day out. Tea and cake is the best, or tea and scone. I live overseas now, but I used to love Haworth and Skipton in W Yorks when I lived there.
    Your finds are great. I do enjoy your blog, it is great. x

    1. Hello too! yay for granny chic. We love a cream tea too I tend to judge a place on its scones we even have a scone score.Sad,I know.
      I'm glad you like my blog anyway and it was nice of you to say so! x

  11. It looks and sounds like a wonderful place to visit!

  12. Most excellent score with that sign! Loving it and the mirror, very cool and who doesn't like cake and a day out?!

  13. Just happened on your blog thru Happy Loves Rosie. Enjoyed a visit into your world across the sea! Your welcome too visit my blogs at &

  14. Hi I've just had a quick look at your blog & I think it's lovely. I've noticed that you suffer from horrid migraines as well (including the sickness). I have found a way to reduce mine (it only taken 17 years!). Try eliminating garlic from your diet for a month & see if your migraines reduce (you will have to check ingredients labels thoroughly as it's amazing how many foods contain it). I find if I eat garlic I'm guaranteed a migraine 1 -2 days after. So I've stopped eating it & my migraines have really reduced. Hope this helps as I know how difficult it is, Pippypop x

    1. ooh that's really interesting, I use lots of garlic in cooking.
      As a rule,I'm meant to avoid all things beginning with 'C' chocolate,citrus,cream,cake,curries,caffeine.
      A lot of them are trigger foods, (cream is a guaranteed headache) but they are also some of my favourites!!! I dont help myself much really!

  15. Please, please, please post more often!

    Your bog is the best.


    1. ahhh thanks Sue.. your message was hidden in my spam box and I'm guessing you're not referring to my loo!! x


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