Monday, 23 November 2009

things I'm liking at work today...

Thankyou so much for all your encouraging words and emails,it's really scary for us at the forget about it all for a minute and then your tummy flips over like you have driven over a hump-backed bridge and reality creeps back in, yuk.. but I'm sure things will work out ok...they have to. It's the law and I wont have it any other way, but yes, thankyou you lovely bunch, it means ever such a lot, it really does. xx

Anyway I thought you may like to see some nice jolly things that have come in at work recently. It 's great to unpack parcels when they are filled with lovely exciting things like these and it is currently filling the void of my (now banned) eBay obsession!
You can buy some of these things online too as the gift shop I work in for two days a week has now got a little website, this is just a bit of stuff..there's tons more!

We sell goodies for;

Cath fans...This is one of the best hand creams I have ever tried! (and that's something coming from a gardener with hands as rough as a badgers backside!)MASSIVE mugs of prettiness.

Lovely cute things for babies...

I so love this little velvety soft owl .He looks like someone has just pinched his bottom!

For girlies...

you can't beat a bit of posh soap! oooh which is my favourite?
This one?
or this one?
polka dots?

hmmmm... eeny meeny miny mo

I'll decide whilst I'm soaking in a bath of these..
For that weekend away...

I love this quirky bag, (just need the weekend away now..ooh and Bruce Willis to whisk me away there!)

For ladies that need to save their pennies

err-hum moving swiftly along...

for stinky boys....

Fab cartoon mugs for hot chocolate...

nail through the finger joke? or maybe a fly in an ice cube..boys, now you can get back at that annoying auntie who always wants a kiss at Christmas

then she can get you back at a game of cards!

For playing tricks on grandma...

ok she may have her own inbuilt whoopee cushion but it's still highly amusing..

Hope you liked this little selection of jolly stuff, there's always new things being added to the website (or we could add it especially if you ask nicely!)


  1. oh my gosh. i don't know how you come home with a paycheck. That purse is TOOOOO cute. thanks for showing us.

  2. That's a lovely selection of goodies! The soaps look fab! I'm off to check the website right now ;-)

  3. I LOVE the bag and the purse, and that little owl is just tooooo cute!

    Sue xx

  4. So sorry to hear your bad news, I think by the law of averages you are definitely due some good fortune asap! I hope everything works out ok for you, you deserve a bit of luck after such a crappy year. Thanks for showing us a few of the goodies on offer, feeling a little trip to Malvern may be necessary!
    Julia xx

  5. Lovely goodies there!Nice to find a hand cream that really works!Good old


  6. Oh, posh soap and Beano playing cards -perfect for daughter and husband and I don't think I could resist the owl. Must pop into the shop next time I go to the Barnard's Green Post Office. Glad to hear you being so positive - this too will pass, promise.

  7. I'm so sorry that your Husbans has had such dreaful bad luck....hope something great comes his way soon....:>)

    I enjoyed your wish list....persect....the bag is so fantastic!


  8. Just going to the website now to check it out. You are soo clever I;m sure you will increase your shops sales figures. I hope they REWARD you too!

    Keep blogging it lights up the dark evenings here in Sweden x

  9. Ooh, I love posh soap! I have never tried the Cath handcream...mmm...something to think about getting!
    Nice to read your post, hope everything works out for you & your family.
    Take care

  10. Gorgeous pics! ... and I totally agree about the CK handcream, it leaves your hands *really* soft.

    I do hope things improve job-wise - let's hope there's something positive, just around the corner! Take care,

    Willow x

  11. Hi I am so thrilled with my shoe lasts which arrived today when I was off work so I had the thrill of getting a parcel off postie. They are absolutely fabulous thank you so much.

  12. Hiya, just read your last post and I am really sorry for you both, thats hard. I too do beleive that things happen for a reason. There is bound to be a good reason for this and an interesting new direction. Stop by my blog, I am having a "give -away".

  13. I would never bring money home! Love the bag, I WANT it! Rachaelxo

  14. Have sent you a little email about a lampshade in your Blogshop!

    Willow x

  15. Oh, the mug, the mug! What a glorious mug!

    That would be a happy cup of tea!

    Thanks for sharing.

    In the same boat here - DH off work since June!!!

    Chin up!


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