Monday, 24 November 2008

prizes,new life and stormy weather

I've been a lucky girl of late,winning some beautiful gifts from Hen's giveaway that arrived in a beautifully packed parcel of pink this morning.They are even more gorgeous in the flesh..stitching so tiny and perfect it looks like pixies have sewn it all...she's a talented girl that Hen.
Then I had a parcel of Christmassy pay it forwards from Twiggypeasticks, that have scented my room with some yummy spices for mulled wine and pretty little handmade decorations for the tree, another talented girlie, I will have to pass that pay it forward on at some point.
Anyway, thankyou for all your recent messages, I have put the 14 names that were kind enough to ask a question into a hat and pestered a stinky boy to pull one out, in this case Harry, so having tipped them all out of the hat accidentally not once but twice,(clumsy oaf!) he eventually managed to pull Stephs name out amidst some teenage muttering and, lovely Steph at Curlew country, a little something will be winging (that's your clue!) its way to you at some point,once you let me know your address.

I've been reading about the bloggers vintage and homemade fair,that took place on Saturday.What a lot of hard work was put into that, it all looked wonderful.I would have loved to have gone..The bags under my eyes would have been so handy for all those lovely treasures! Well done Michele and Jane and all the other ladies who worked so hard to bring it to fruition.
This month is usually a mad one,visiting my sister up north for Bonfire night and then seeing my mum and other sister too..Like a lot of my family,they both live abroad but have recently been over here.Unfortunately neither happened, with me going into hospital and Jac has been busy with the Dragonfly charity and doing some press interviews,whilst my mum was looking after little Charlie,her son,it made it all a bit difficult really.
My 'little' brother and his wife (that's them in the wedding photo above) had a baby girl on Thursday..9lbs 8oz..what a whopper!..eek! it makes your eyes water!..I hope that one day I'll be able to meet the new baby-with-no-name along with her gorgeous big brother Jake who thinks his Auntie lives in a box called 'pooter' on the other side of the ocean...I shall be sending them the lovely pink new baby card that Krafty Keely made for me a while back.

The stormy weather arrived here this weekend, and with it some bad news, my euphoria when the taxman gave us some pennies to play with(and recent online spending spree..oops) was very short lived, Pete who works 72 hours a week just so we can survive the bills looks like he may have his hours cut by quite a would almost half his salary if they did..the credit crunch will be biting us very hard, so many people will be in the same boat this year it's quite frightening..Brown robs the rich to pay for the poor but what about the people in the middle? the ones not on benefits who work every hour they can just to keep their heads above water, who own their own house and will loose it in a shot if they can't pay for it..but can't sell it either..who cancelled their insurance as it was too expensive (arrrggh) what about them? It's not Mr. Browns fault, I know.I hate politics but I needed a moan.
So I am trying to find a job, any job so I can help out, Christmas is a case of 'if and when'..The stinky boys have been warned they may have a gas bill instead this year.I'm sure they will be thrilled with it.This week I have to feed a family of four, five cats and a dog on £38.50..It can be done, I've done it have to plan ahead, stick rigidly to your shopping list and get used to the cats being sick because they don't like the cheaper alternative..sorry pussies.Thank goodness we get free eggs.Less in the winter when the hens egg production slows down, but enough to make a stupendously good quiche.

I am feeling incredibly guilty. I'm also feeling sick.

Next Tuesday (2nd) I should get the results of a biopsy.The C word has been mentioned and I'm not talking Christmas here, but only in passing conversation..funny how it's the one word you remember out of all the medical blurb..funnily,I'm not in the slightest bit worried about it, what I don't like is the messed up hormones that caused all the trouble in the first about these for just some of the side affects of the drugs I'm on..
  • weight gain (ooh goody..some more!)
  • spots (yay we love those, whiling away the hours infront of the mirror)
  • mood swings (hoorah, boo, scream)
  • depression (groan, sob)
  • bloatedness (parp)
hang on a minute these sound very's another puberty..I'm going to be a teenager again!!! heaven forbid!!!
So my lovely blogging ladies, I'm going to sign off for a while.I'm sure you want to read about lovely things really and as you can see, I'm a bit stuck for those at the mo, I will however,be adding some things to my shop along the way, including some vintage eiderdowns (the one above has been reserved but I will be adding some more) and pretty stuff that you may just like to take a peek at..or if you are in the same boat as me...a sigh at..


  1. Sorry to hear about the "C" word - for a minute I thought you meant "Cleaning", but no, you mean the even worse version. I shall be thinking of you. As for the symptoms, is that not how every woman feels all the time? Or is that just me? What is it they say? Your kids hit their puberty just as you hit your menopause and much door-slamming ensues!
    Congrats to your family and their new addition - not that I like to brag or anything, but mine was an ey-watering 8lbs 13 oz ..... Funny how he's one of the shortest in his class now though!

  2. I know it's hard at the moment isn't it? And I don't think the much touted reduction in VAT is going to solve anything either. I feel a rant coming on here....
    Have you tried veggie mince? It's my current great economy I can use 1 packet for 3 different dinners and it only costs £1.99, and, almost unbelievably for my lot, who can usually detect and complain about an economy at 10 paces, everyone likes it.

  3. Will miss you whilst you take a break. Good luck with the biopsy results and hope that everything is o.k.

  4. It is a horrible time for us caught in the middle, I hope that passes quickly...I am trying very hard to to get stressed worrying about everything...I mean everything! the effect on me is not good. Good luck for Tuesday, I will be thinking of you xxxxx I have to go in for one too, humph. It is one thing after another at the moment. I am at the local hospital almost as much as I was when I worked there.
    Anyway, we must be positive and try to focus on good things?
    I love that crochet throw....eemmm.
    Take care and big hugs to you.

  5. Well you have such the right attitude about everything so fingers and everything else crossed for you hun!!All your symptoms sound like doc said its just classic pmt symptoms that I have, having went on pill going straight into first pregnancy then 2nd not long after and 3rd not long after that, my body for the last couple of years has gone back to normal, so at the age of 35, I'm experiencing and yes jsut lie a teenager!
    We're a bit uncertain with hubbys job too as he works for the troubled bank that is going to merge with the other bank (code of course) but if it happens it happens and like you we will deal with it.
    Hmm I'm spying eiderdowns, are you really seling some?
    Can definatly recommend Aldi and Lidl if you hsve them near you.
    Claire xx

  6. Good luck with your biopsy results. Fingers crossed for you.
    Love all of those lovely things that you have been lucky enough to get, nice new header too.

  7. Gosh my spelling is awful, have eldest home from school with a supposed sore throat, nagging the hell out of me to go on here!!
    forgot to say, congrats on your new niece and what fab goodies you have won....Claire xx

  8. I'm so sorry to hear it's a tough time for you. I do hope things perk up. You certainly deserve good luck. I'll miss you if you're not blogging and hope to see you back with good news soon.

    Hen x

  9. Hello...
    I'm so sorry your having a diifercult time, i'll be sending positive thoughts your way and thinking about you.....i think your a wonderful person who dispite some very tricky happenings, you seem so upbeat and sensible...
    I trully admire your spirit...

    I pray that everything comes back clear and that its just norty hormones and nothing else..... huge hug!

  10. hi, I'm new to the blogging world and havent got mine up and running yet - but love yours

    Good luck with your tests - I always ask an angel to help and its surprising how often it works XX

    I'm sure all the love and positive thoughts you are getting through your wonderful blog can only help

    Love and hugs


  11. Hi I am sorry to hear that you are going through such a tough time and I hope that your life picks up soon. What a worrying time for you. I hope you will be back blogging very soon. Best wishes, Kathyx

  12. Good luck with your results.
    I know how you are feeling , well I have an inkling as I'm facing a barrage of tests too and it isn't much fun at all wondering what is wrong....

    I'm hoping you will be back soon and feeling a 100% better after a course of tablets. I once had similar symptoms to the ones you listed and it was thyroid, a few tablets later and I was much better.
    So here is a wish that your results show something (so they don't think it is in your head - which I'm sure they do with me anyway)and nothing ( a few tablets and it is all gone).

    Hope you understand all that
    best wishes

  13. Hi,
    I'm so sorry to hear that things are tough for you at the moment. It is so difficult when you are struggling with health problems as well as everything else. My husband was very ill this time last year and although this has been a year of highs and some big lows for us. His health is much much better and I am so grateful for that. You have the right spirit, remain positive and you will get through! You will be in my prayers. I would like to buy the apple eiderdown please. My e-mail is

  14. I do want to brag but Twiglet was 9lbs 15oz, I couldn't sit down for 2 weeks!!!!! glad your parcel arrived safely and that you like it.
    Twiggy x

  15. Well poop to that! Just blog anyway and it'll all pass in time. Good luck with the results.
    Keep on moaning if you need to (although you're not really going for it yet by my standards!) But it's ok with me. Especially if you show pictures like that divine blankie for us to sigh over! t.xx

  16. PS I'm sending you lots of positive vibes and on the money front if you don't know about it already take a look at, the forums on there are really helpful.
    Twiggy x

  17. Hello! I shall keep my fingers crossed for you about your biopsy, take care. Please don't stop ranting about the money situation, sometimes I feel like I'm being eaten up with money worries ... we have been eating a lot of lentils lately!!!!!! Love that blanket, wish I had some spare cash to buy it, it;s beautiful.
    Take care

  18. I hope everything takes a turn in the right direction for you soon , i love reading your blogs you are so honest and funny and I hope you'll let us know how things are going..take care. xx

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. steph I've deleted your comment so that the world and his wife couldn't see your address! x

  21. Sorry to hear about your health problem...hope things go well for you.
    And congratulations on the new adorable!
    Margaret and Noreen

  22. Oh I'll miss you, but a break is completely understandable. I love the fact that you put a funny spin on some of the s****y parts of life.
    I hope everything works out for you and you'll be back to us all very, very soon.
    Take care of yourself
    Julia xx

  23. Sending you good vibes for today - I love your blog, so will be glad to see you back when you feel like posting. Take care,
    Willow x

  24. Hi, I´m really feeling with you. I know what that "C" word means. We had nearly the same situation last year. But keep your head height! And I´m crossing my fingers that all will trun to the best.
    And when you are healthy again I hope that the job situation get´s better too.
    I wish you all the best in life.
    Yours Christiane

  25. I am thinking good thoughts for you and will remember you in my prayers! Good luck on the job search girl!Hang in there it will all pull together!

  26. Chin up you! Hope everything get's sorted. It's bad enough worrying about your health without money worries too.
    Don't be away too long
    Deb x

  27. please look after yourself, and perhaps wrap yourself up in that delightful blanket and keep cosy? Thinking of you and please come back soon x

  28. Oh such a grim time for you when you should be looking forward to the other C word.
    Lots of e hugs and vibes on their way to you for all over everywhere, so am adding mine from Scotland too.
    Tuck your vest in should you venture out.

  29. I'll say a prayer for you. You are loved.

  30. So sorry to hear things are so tough for you at the moment. I'm so late in reading this that you've probably already had the biopsy results by now. I really hope results are good. Also sorry about hubbies hours. I lost my job recently and while things aren't exactly dreadful for us because my hubbie-to-be is a teacher and head of department, we are having to drastically cut back and I need to make my creative business work and find some paid employment too. But I'm pleased to hear you've had some good news. Congratulations on the birth of your neice. I've just got a brand new neice too!I am lucky that mine lives just down the road. Hope you get to see her soon. Take care of yourself x

  31. I'm sorry to hear you're having a tough time at the moment. Stay positive and I'm sure things will be fine. Sending you loads of luck and good wishes for Tuesday.
    Take care.

  32. Hello again..
    I am working backwards in your blog and reading about your recent medical malaise.. I am very relieved to hear it is not the C word.. could it be the E word?
    I had a bad.. make that chronic.. case of endometriosis three years ago and after some keyhole surgery it was put right.. well as right as it will ever be until the M word kicks in... I do hope you find some relief from your troubles.... Sympathies!
    Michele x


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