Sunday, 7 September 2008

Shabby....shabby old finds.

I didn't know whether this should maybe be under 'vintage' but we haven't had a shabby post for a usual our week has been drifting from one disaster to another, so please bear with me! Not only has our fridge, freezer and tumble dryer broken beyond repair recently (see what I was saying about things happening in 3's?) but my womb is making a bid for freedom too..oh how lovely..lady problems..'hoorah!' I hear you cry,we just love lady problems.. so hospital visits are on the cards. Maybe they could fit me in when I take the stinky boy for his 'special' operation next week..two for the price of one?...then we can mope about in pain together.GREAT.I just hope I don't have to have it all whisked out, I'm already worrying about the ever increasing lady-beard I'm getting on my chin( is that just me?..please tell me it's not.. I'm 39 not 99 for heavens sake!) and without my womb, lord knows what I'll look like..She-wolf possibly? ( some men have a 'thing' for that but I dont think Pete is one of them somehow) so you see, I'm worrying about that and worrying about lifting mowers out of the back of trucks. hmmm...something else to keep my brain ticking over in the small hours.

Anyway..back to VINTAGE SCRUFFY STUFF..yay we like that!
This strange object, I found on ebay ages ago. I loved it, it was cheap, it was vintage, shabby and it was GREEN...enough said!
It's a Tizer display stand which I was going to use it in my kitchen as a holder for bottled drinks,oops, no they don't fit..on to plan B..

So then it was going to be an umbrella stand in the porch..but I don't have a walking umbrella..just one of those tiddly widdly things that fits in your bag (and turns inside out if a leaf blows past) that idea was scuppered.I'm not quite ready for walking sticks just yet, so,until now it has been under the curtain in the back kitchen..awaiting its permanent home. Any ideas?This stool was found in the strange shop we have nearby,not the one I mentioned before, but another strange one..we have a few..we are quite strange in Malvern.
It's got camping gear at the front, wellies in the middle, army gear (including bullet shells- a bargain at 5p each...) at the back and officey-type second hand things through the alley in a small warehouse along with huge terracotta pots and a fairground ride in the yard,oh and second-hand know the nice galvanised ones like this..Vintage-style recycling bins!
(not like those HIDEOUS wheelie bins)'s got a real mixture of stuff you could say.
Well, I picked up the step stool for a fiver..its paint is mint green and it's peeling...lovely! I love a bit of shabbiness.
A quick clean, a new scrap of Cath Kidston oilcloth on the top and VOILA! a new stool.
Basil likes to sit and supervise the cooking from here.

This is the new replacement fridge after a make-over.I LOVE IT. I keep going into the 'unfinished and temporary-but-been-there-for-8 years' back kitchen to look at it. It's an 18 month old second hand one that Pete sprayed cream with some Fridge paint,thanks to an idea from Kelly at Vintage don't half need a few cans though!
It's my poor-mans Smeg, but I like it! I especially like the vintage styled 'Bognor Regis' badge..good old Bognor!Have a great week x

(ps.I'll be even more rubbish at messages this coming week, with the younger stinky boy in hospital and all that..but I thank you most kindly for the last lot!)


  1. Amazing fridge! Forget Smeg! We bought one, had it replaced twice and the third time it was full of christmas food (not least because they're all padding and no capactiy inside). We asked John Lewis to kindly take it away- it's all very well looking cute but we did need to keep our food cold too! We had three electricals go this week! I blame the thunder storms! (because I'm just that silly!) t.xx

  2. Hiya!
    Love the little CUTE is that?? adorable!

    You could always use the tizer stand for shoes or wellies?????

    I went carbooting a couple of things...just painting one will add later when my husband can be dragged away from doing some boring pooter upgrade.......a huge amount of dosh...for two very small boxes of wire and metal!!!!!
    I would have invested his birthday money in more interesting way......CK...methinks!


  3. Sorry, but I did laugh whilst reading about your "lady problems", it's the way you tell 'em!
    Now I have to have a word about that fridge, I'm seriously jealous! It looks better than our useless smeg and no doubt works better too! As for that stool, if it's possible (and not too weird) to fall in love with a stool, then I'm afraid that's me, hook, line and sinker! Where's the shop, I feel a little trip to Malvern stealing up on me.
    Hope stinky boy's op goes well, and that you're ok.
    Julia xx
    ps. I'm thinking about getting some chickens so I'd love to bend your expert ear when you're a bit less hectic.

  4. I do hope they can sort everything and have you feeling better soon. Your fridge is marvellous, it has more character than Smeg which anyone can buy off the shelf, and I too can vouch that Smegs looks great but are cr*p when it comes to function! I love everything else in the photo too, that delicious little Cath K green paisley curtain, for example.

    Love the stool, you clever thing, you!

    Hen x

  5. I love your fridge make-over amd I must add I too send the very expensive Smeg back. It does look the part was did not keep the food cold, just wet and soggy where it dripped constantly.
    I do hope the lady problems are not too bad...I am having all sorts going on here and I hate it. I have been so miserable about it all lately. Anyway love all the new finds very much.
    Carol x

  6. I too laughed about the lady problems bit - sorry, not funny really, but I can identify with the lady-beard bit! T|o begin with, a year or so ago, I was horrified and plucked vigorously, now for some unknown and bizaar reason I am fascinated. I have four or five individual hairs on the underside of my chin which I am keeping my eye on, to see either how long they can grow, or how long I can last without pulling them out. Trouble is they are not daunted and come back even more vigorously and stronger than before, so it must be better not to start plucking to begin with!
    My dad has a stool like yours, in its original form, red, which I wouldn't have looked at twice or considered if I hadn't seen yours. I'll have to put my name on and reserve it now.

  7. Sounds like the your poor man's smeg is the way to go, it looks lovely, and hopefully works better than its more expensive cousin. The Tizer stand looks great, does it really need to have a use?

    I have one of those stools that I covered with a scrap of oil cloth too, my grandmother has had hers since I was little, and last year I decided that my life would not be complete without one, I was on the look out for one ever since and eventually found one this may, yah! They are so useful, perfect for reaching the back of kitchen cupboards and putting up pictures and shelves.

  8. Yes serious fridge envy from me too.
    I think your kitchen looks lovely and who cares if it is unfinished if you love it.
    Good luck with the appointments.

  9. Hello, I have just read your entire blog, was meant to be doing some yukky business paper work instead! But oh well, so happy to have found you and will be back to visit! Rachaelxo

  10. Hi I just flitted over from Mel Mel. Lovely finds you brought home. I'm an exile from New York City and now have 9 chickens in my large yard. They have a cozy coop to protect them from foxes at night, eat lots of bugs and provide fab fertilizer. Love them girls!

  11. Just found your blog (I am new to this lark!) Love the fridge.. also love the colour green.
    So, your boys are know as the Stinky boys.. mine used to be known as the Noisy boys by my friends!

  12. OMG it's so much better than a smeg, how'd you do it??? I can't stand the way everyone has a smeg...

    love all your finds and what you did to that step-stool, fabbo!


  13. Great fridge...I so wanted a smeg but everyone in blogland has SO put me off now!
    What fabulous finds...The Tizer stand is great and the stool so pretty.
    Must confess just checked out my chin as I am now the wrong side of 30 but no hairs yet...shall keep a very close eye on it though!
    Jane. x

  14. Hi Sairer - take care of yourself and those boys - hope you will all be better very soon.

    Love the step stool and fridge - perfect make-overs.

    Niki x

  15. Hope your lady bits are OK!! Love your fridge My Mam had the lower version - it was gorgeous and much better than the one she has now

  16. What an amazing fridge! I'm pea green with envy! And those vintage finds, so fabulous!

  17. Oh you poor thing sounds like you're having a tough week, what with your electrical appliances breaking down and your own internals doing the same thing...good job there are some excellent repair men out there in both departments, I'm sure all will be well eventually. Aren't those whiskers annoying, I have several very persistent hairs on my chin (mind you I'm 8 years older than you so I guess it's all part of growing up!) and I'm never without my tweezers these days.
    Love your vintage shabby finds, I bought an old stool at a boot sale this year and it's one of my favourite things, so useful.

  18. What a great fridge!! A good spray job too. Hope your "bits" are back to normal soon. Love your blog too. Lucy

  19. You say unfinished yet why does it look so pretty in the background??! :-) I love the step stool, it's gorgeous!

  20. I would say.. eat your heart out Smeg.. your fridge is in a class of it's own!!
    Truly sorry to hear about the 'wimmin's problems'.. I have been there myself but managed to hold on to most of my bits.. It isn't the dreaded endo is it??
    Best wishes to you and Stinky boy.. hope it isn't too traumatic for either of you!

    Hale Tintin.... Love that boy!

    Michele x

  21. Love your fridge & step stool! Wonderful finds.

  22. Hi Sairer
    Finally getting round to blogland catch-ups. Thanks for all the info you sent me on the battery hens and the advice on the curtain material after my email. Curtains are all sorted now and am now waiting on hearing about some more hens! Thank you!!

    Was in a garden centre nr Newent yesterday and eye-ing up a Grieves apple tree - small world!

    Take care.
    Carmen (aka Botanical Remedies)

  23. Hi there

    I just love your blog and have spent a lazy Sunday afternoon, sipping tea and reading every word.

    About the Tizer holder thingy - did you decide on what to do with it - would terracotta pots fit into it? Red geraniums would look fab!



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