Friday, 4 July 2008

Faffing about with rooms (again)...and a tag

I've been tagged by Emma at sew recycled to show you the view from my kitchen window...
this is the view from my back kitchen bit window (from the room with no name but it houses the fridge and dresser..)
a little more exciting than this..... the view from my actual kitchen window! although if this was smellyblogging,you would have the lovely scent of my neighbours jasmine wafting through the window.

This is from the dining room window..which will eventually be french doors from the kitchen..our house is built back to front so in theory this should be the front garden..but it isnt!
Unfortunately July is the worst month in my garden..having seen this photo I had a big cut-back and the way,if anyone wants to join in with this tag, please feel free to..!

We've had quite an eventful week with one thing or another..firstly the stinky boy and I had to go to the cottage hospital to see a surgeon.It's a lovely Victorian building on the most beautiful crescent with a green in the,so pretty.
Unfortunately the surgeon had had a sense of humour bypass and stinky and I had the giggles..especially when drawings of appendages were produced. oh dear.. it made it worse when the Dr. kept asking what the matter was (how embarrassing!)I dont think I'll ever grow up at this rate!
I also had to have my little black hen put to sleep she was a very poorly girlie..then we decided to take the house off the market..we had so many people looking round but no interest at all,people want a house that they can do up from scratch or that's finished and this is neither.It's definately the wrong time to be selling at the mo, so that's it for celebtrate we ripped up the carpet ready to sand the floorboards down and painted the dining room for the 478th time.You know,like you's now ivory instead of blue! And yep, you've guessed it,I still dont like it!! I really think its those blessed wonky Cath kidston curtains that I still havent hemmed! Maybe I should make some roman blinds from vintage Linen but with a red stripe, like in the other stinky boys room..I quite like those.. We've actually now decided to knock through at some point to the teeny kitchen so we have a nice big kitchen to eat in..but I have no idea when the tree at the bottom of the garden that grows money is going to it may be sometime yet!
The relief of having no-one poking around your house is it can get messy and it doesn't matter..yay!! I hate change and I hate selling I'm pleased really.
Knowing we are now going to remain poor and overdrawn for the next 22 years,we went off and made a few unessessary purchases from the strange junk shop down the road. You can only get in if you are a size 8 and have a trained monkey on a lead to rootle through the piles and piles of tat.. did find some pretty 1930s china though, scattered around all over the place..there's probably more in there somewhere!the whole lot for £3..
a wooden standard lamp that will be painted cream and a £4 chair for my was FILTHY and after a thorough clean I realised it was actually red and not brown..even better!
I like the curved shape of the arms, I think I might cover this in a red and white polka-dot oilcloth I have,but I'm a bit undecided still..I find it so hard to keep to one look, I like so many! It all has that funny charity-junk-shop-smell to it..know the one I mean?
Just what is that smell?!!

It's our 11th wedding anniversary tomorrow, (and my mum & dads 5oth) so hopefully I'll be off to somewhere nice to show you on Monday..but don't hold your breath..Pete is about as romantic as a it may be sanding floorboards instead!

Have a great weekend.. oh and happy 4th July to all our American bloggers! x


  1. Heck, I haven't been a size 8 since I was about age 8! But that wouldn't have kept me away from those dishes, or at least one of the teacups, yum. Your chair looks a lot like the one at my desk, which is supposed to be a Heywood Wakefield. If I ever get around to recovering it I may find out for sure.

    I'm so sorry about your little black hen. Even when it's the only thing to do, it's hard.

  2. I know that feeling - the sense of freedom you feel when you don't have to worry about the house being tidy all the time! I hated having people in my house scrutinizing it all the time and moaning about the small kitchen! I always think peopl lived in it in Victorian times, deal with it! All this business about having to have open-plan airy cold living spaces gets my goat!

    Anyway, rant over! :-) When you hem do you properly do like a slip stitch (excuse my sewing stupidity!)? I just sew in a line et voila! Takes me about 5're probably not supposed to do that though I'm just lazy and unless someone takes a microscope to my curtains they wouldn't notice it! LOL I like the swedish blinds on

  3. I love your pretty! ;-)

  4. what a fabulous chair!! i think I need to start looking a little bit harder for these things, where am I going wrong??!

  5. Oh, I love your green and white china. I am going back to browse the rest of your blog. I love it!

  6. Hi...Thank you for stopping by my blog, and leaving a comment...I've enjoyed reading your blog...LOVE your garden...My kitchen window is unusual, in that it looks out on the front yard, and across the street in front of our house...Luckily, the house across the street is very cute, and I like the neighbor who lives there. Take care, Katie

  7. From a purely selfish point of view I'm glad you're staying put because it means more pics of that gorgeous house of yours. Hope you're not too disappointed, it's just a rotten time to sell at the moment.
    Loving the junk shop haul, the china is so pretty and the chair is fab. Know what you mean about the smell, god knows what it is!!
    As for the unhemmed curtains, I can beat that one - our kitchen "curtains" are just 2 panels of unhemmed fabric stapled to the window surround, a temporary measure to see if I liked the fabric which will no doubt stay there forever!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Julia x

  8. Must be nice to have your house back to normal and live in it how you want not having to clean and tidy all the time. Your floorboards look nice we don't have any downstairs so have to put up with our grubby carpet untill we can afford to have some laid. I live with a tiny kitchen funny seeing your shelves shot I'm just in the middle of painting shelfs for my kitchen so that I can free upsome space in my cuboards as their driving me insane - oh I need my extension and big kitchen NOW I'm so impatient! Spotted your mangle cloth blinds they are lovely, nice finds too your £4 chair is great. Oh and I do like the ivory in your dining room I'm sure it will grow on you!

  9. What a beautiful view from your window, just gorgeous.
    Are you pleased your staying, you have a beautiful home and I know I would of found it hard leaving there. Sorry to hear about the losss of one of your hens.

    Glad you like the kitchen so far, I'm in love with!!
    Julia's kitchen is fab isnt it, really homely and perfect for baking lots of cakes. Have a great weekend

  10. I can understand you wanting to celebrate when you took your house off the market. I hated other people coming into my house and poking about asking deranged questions. I'm sure the majority only came to drink my tea and eat my biscuits -should have charged-.

    I love the little tea set and hope you find lots more when you go back to that little shop for another poke about! Good luck with the chair too, I'm interested in seeing what you do as I have a similar one and lack ideas.

  11. Well I know I'm slefish too because I am really pleased you are staying put. I love your house and garden and want you to continue making it even more lovely if that's possible!
    Make sure to water that money tree with Miracle Grow won't you??

  12. Hi, I did this a while ago, you can find it here
    Josie x

  13. It's soul destroying having lots of viewings (gloaters I called them) but no takers. I'm sure it's some peoples hobby. Great to be looking forward to new projects though..a bigger kitchen..fab! More space for lots of 'new' old stuff I bet.
    I love that favourite colour. And your lovely garden immaculate...never guess you have chicks! x
    Ps. Happy Anniversary!

  14. You have a super blog and I love the garden! I am moving to Norfolk so and we have to start the garden from stratch, argh! Cannot wait really - but thankgoodness for Mums with the no-how, haha!! Can we exchange blogs do you think? Lesley

  15. I love the chair, it is initially abit ugly but on closer inspection it is great, clean lines and not too fussy! Will look fantastic once covered i think.

    Sad to hear about your hen, i hope it was nothing the others could catch? Can you just take a hen to the normal vets?

    And i giggled at your last post, about the costumes, but oh my gosh, they are so fantastic, what a collection. I had a similar misshap at school once, during swimming. My cossie 9made of cotton with no lycra) fell down revealing my (barely there but still obvious) chest infront of everybody! Very blush worthy!


  16. Hi Sairer, Congratulations on your wedding anniversary - hope you had a lovely day! Your garden looks pretty, I love July in the garden - everything is growing like mad but all very pretty! It certainly is a bad time to be selling and I can just imagine how much more relaxed you are now that you haven't got any more of those 'carpet-treaders' looking round your home!!

    Thanks again for your award - I will be mentioning it when I update my blog.

    Clare x

  17. What a beautiful house and garden you have, although I agree that July is a bad month in the garden, everything does need chopping back. How do you keep your rooms looking so lovely with two boys and a husband around? I think you have found a gem with the chair, it looks designer? Is there any evidence of being a label anywhere? Happy Anniversary! x

  18. We too have taken our house off the market. Our first response was one of relief but yes we too have to find ways of making our money work so that we can afford to live here! Luckily we both live in lovely houses and being thrifty girls will cope I am sure.

    Happy Anniversary x

  19. Your home is beautiful, although it's a bad time for the housing market right now it sounds as if you're looking at what you've got with fresh eyes. Love your dining room, the colours are just what I like. I laughed at the post about the swimsuits! And happy anniversary too. Nice to catch up with your news.
    Gill x

  20. Somehow I missed this post last week when you wrote it. So hope you had a lovely anniversary and congratulations. Your garden looks absolutely lovely by the way so I don't know why you say it's a bad time of year for it. Is the red and white check rug a Laura Ashley one because if it is I have the same one. Since moving in with my boyfriend it hasn't really found I proper home yet and is living in the spare room which is a bit of a tip. Yours looks really good on the bare floor boards where as mine is laying on top of rather unpleasant carpet!

  21. I truly love your blog! I was in England in the early 80' London for 3 days, then travelled into the country by train. Oh my, I do believe it's what began my adult love affair with cottages. It was like stepping into Alice's looking glass and experiencing a whole other dimension! I've copied some of your pics to my blog and am referring people back to YOUR blog. I know they will enjoy it as much as I have! Toodles!


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