Friday, 20 June 2008

My latest distractions....

Meet Violet and Florence ...

They are a little shy...

We had a great day out at the Malvern show on Sunday, I loved seeing all the turkeys unfortunately but plently of naughty pigs causing havoc in the arena and lots of every shape and size you can imagine.

These little sweeties were on my chicken wish list, they are Cream legbars, a rare breed that lays blue tinted eggs..beautiful blue tinted eggs that can sometimes be any shade from pink to green to that gorgeous greeny-blue..(think of Laura Ashleys Eau de nil paint!)
They still cheep like baby chicks and are only little, about 12 weeks old and the size of a pidgeon, so wont be laying for a while and the other girlies are being real meanies at the moment so I'm mothering them far too much..any hens that come here are spoilt rotten!!
Betty, who had taken over from Dolly in the broody hen stakes, allowed them to hide under her wings for a while, but then decided she was having none of it and promptly left the nest with a very loud squarky cluck, a hop skip and a sort of clumsy attempt at flying down the garden. She's a bit odd is our Betty...
Thats it. Broodiness over with.

Well, I've bunged some bits in the shop and if anyone's interested,some gingham coolie lampshades over on eBay (theres a link at the top)
I'll hopefully be 'bunging' some more bits in the blogshop over the next few days, I have some lavender hearts to sew together, so they will be next...then some cushions...unless I get distracted again!


  1. I'm considering getting chickens at the moment but I keep changing my mind. People keep telling me that they'll trash the few plants in the garden so I'm just not sure. Violet and Florence are real sweeties.
    Julia x

  2. I buy blue eggs from Waitrose - they come from Legbars and sometimes Burford Browns - depends what's on special offer.
    Why don't your chickens trash your lovely garden?

  3. the homely year20 June 2008 at 22:28

    Very pretty chickens...and the eggs sound a lovely colour.
    Margaret and Noreen

  4. I hope Violet and Florence settle in and provide you with many beautiful eggs in time.

    Keely x

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am going to enter you in the draw anyway as I am feeling empathy for you with the minus score. It's a good job it's not the 30's and the idea of what make's a good wife has changed. I have been thinking about this and how most of the bloggers that have mentioned it(apart from Kath aka juicyfig)have not scored well. My theory is that the modern woman is strong and independant, has a sense of humour and is in general the main decision maker in the houshold. This is entirely the opposite of the ideal 1930's wife.

    Thanks for the praise re my parchment work as well.

    Keely x

  6. i have serious chicken envy here, if I had a larger garden I'd seriously consider getting some but not an option right now....they must give you so much pleasure in spite of the work involved.

  7. Violet and Florence are very pretty.They look very content too.;-)

  8. Oh your chickies are sooo sweet. I didn't know the Shambles was closing down, that's such a shame, we didn't go in as we got there late, I think we'll have to go back quick before it's gone. One of my readers recently found one of those chocolate boxes for 80p in a charity shop - can you believe that?!!!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Lucy x

  9. sweet xxxxx
    sorry about the lack of turkeys - have you thought about buying the eggs and an incubator?
    we are having to do this for the Runner Ducks that i long for :)

    be warned - your girls may never settle down and like each other - it is always a risk bringing in newcomers - girls are meanies!!!!!

    have a happy weekend hen watching x
    t x

  10. Hi again, just to let you know i have just done the draw for my cards and you have won.

    Congratulations. Please choose a card from the ones displayed under the main giveaway post and let me know what type/colour etc you would like for your custom card.

    You can contact me on craig dot keely at googlemail dot com

    Keely x

  11. They are lovely! Ive never seen this breed before, so im looking forward to more photos in the future! Their feathers are an unusual colour, is there a hint of purple in there?


  12. Yes Legbar eggs are so very, very pretty and there isn't much more adorable than a baby bird is there?
    Out two black Sussex's, Blackberry and Bramble still cheep, so sweet.

  13. Oh, what sweeties ~ it makes me want more! And perfect 'chicken' names too. They do seem to suit old-fashioned ones somehow. x

  14. I wish my garden was bigger so that I could have some hens. Legbar eggs are delicious aren't they? I've bought them forom the supermarket for several years but a friend now has a neighbour who keeps her amply supplied with Legbar eggs and she shares them with me!

  15. I was quite excited to find your blog-you live a stones throw (ish) away and you like eiderdowns. I totally get and love eiderdowns. You have chickens. I would LOVE chickens. Hmm, i am now going to read the rest!Wish I had had tickets for Malvern show-alas, next year!

  16. Aren't they sweet?
    We have an Old Cotswolds Legbar (Hermione) & her eggs are ever so pale pink.


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