Friday, 27 June 2008

Friday ramblings!


As a 1930s wife, I amVery Poor (Failure)

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I've had two good things happen this week, the first was a giveaway that I won from krafty keely..although I really don't think I deserved to win...I was entered in sympathy for my appalling score as a 1930s housewife...minus 38 points..MINUS!! oh dear. Pete would wholeheartedly agree with that score as I am totally undomesticated when it comes to wifely things..if you haven't already you must have a go..some of the questions are hilarious..anyway, I won a card of my choice from a selection and a custom made card..which I have already had..I can't show you as its for my mum and dads 50th wedding anniversary on the 5th of July and they sometimes pop by for a read..but I can assure you it's really lovely! thanks Keely!

The second was a blogging award..and such a nice one at that..

Thank you, Thank you Queen of 50 cents, I'm very flattered that I make your day, especially as you live across the pond, as it were!!

So now I have to choose, according to award rules, 5 blogs I'd like to pass it on to..hmmm a difficult one as I love reading so many!

Well, I'll choose Julia's blog, Steph's , Jane's ,Clare's and Sophie's blogs.

These were the first blogs I ever started to read and have loved them ever since, they were my inspiration and they really do make your day with their lovely photographs and inspirational stories, although we all miss Sophie's regular blogging.... please come back Sophie Honeysuckle!

Stephs blog is lovely and I just love the old fashioned words she uses in her writing, It's like reading an Enid Blyton book about the countryside and interiors (smashing!)

Jane always manages to remind me of things I have stashed away and forgotten about, she appears on virtually every blog list and quite rightly so.. Blog Royalty!

Clare's blog is pure eye candy and she's a nice thoughtful blogger too, she certainly made my month, nlet alone my day when she sent me a little surprise to cheer me up not so long ago.

then Julia..Julia never ceases to amaze me how great she is at leaving messages to everyone..and along with her really great blog, it's those messages that really can make your day!

So girlies..this little award is for you...
Hope you agree with my choices!

Thanks to everyone who made a purchase from the shop..I was really surprised how fast things sold..they have all been posted out, so any problems get in touch people won't you!!

Have a great weekend bloggers, see you Monday!


  1. You're very welcome! I enjoyed looking at your winners' blogs too. In fact, the first one I clicked on had a picture of plates for her blog header, and I recognized one as matching a plate I bought for fifty cents recently. Small world!

  2. I scored even worse on the 1930's wife survey, but i'm glad to know that all blogging wifes are not perfect!

    Congratulations on winning the giveaway!

    Vanessa x

  3. I'm speechless (don't worry, not for long!). Thank you, it's very sweet of you
    Have a lovely weekend
    Julia x

  4. Ah, Thank you so much, I'm most touched. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog.
    Warmest wishes,
    Jane xxx

  5. Oh No more lovely blogs to investigate!! The paintwork right through the house is F&B New White and the hallway is Ringwold Ground. We are waiting here for the plasterer who brought his gear last night and hsnt turned up this am!! Loft ladder off QVC is installed (10 minutes ago!!and fabulous - just need to some boards laid up there and we can get loads of stuff out of view - I have a conservatory this I am desperate to get into but can't for boxes mind you where would they have gone if it hadn't beeen there .

  6. Congratulations twice over for your win and receiving a blog award. I have had a look at your links of your favourites, and I can totally see why, all being very lovely. x

  7. Great blog! I like your refinishing work too. The bathroom stool is adorable. I found you by way of our 50 Cent Queen. Glad I stopped by!

  8. Isnt it great how we all read eachothers blogs? I knew all of the ones your mentioned in this blog, apart from the 'posy' one, which i just had a look at and it looks fantastic, i think it may quickly get added to my 'favorite bloggers' list!


  9. Congrats! I had to visit the blogs you mentioned & had a great time visiting them too!

  10. Thank you! That's very kind of you - sorry I didn't reply earlier - now I'm going to catch up with your recent posts... Clare x


Thankyou,thankyou,thankyou for being so lovely as to leave a message!..I try to reply to your messages on here,so check back if you dont hear from me..but please dont be offended if I dont get time to respond, each one is totally appreciated. They make my day. x

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