Monday, 3 March 2008

The stinky boy's birthday!

Who ever thought this little cutie with his cheeky smile and infectious giggle would grow up to be a big, stinky six foot 16 year old, wearing his trousers way too low and his hair way too long, the occassional grunt that gets translated for us by his younger brother and trouble for a middle name.
I can't quite believe I have a 16 year old in the's most odd,heaven knows what I'll be like when he turns 18,now that really is scary!
Well, happy birthday George...
it's certainly been a roller coaster so far,with quite a few downs as opposed to ups,but none the less entertaining!
love you lots, honest.


  1. Happy birthday to George!!!
    I BET it feels strange, every now and again I get overwhelmed when I realise how time flies with our children and my oldest is only 9 this year!! Enjoy the day Claire x

  2. In the second pose, he could be mistaken as the 'angel of the north'? x

  3. hmmm I think 'devil of the north' is more appropriate Louise!!! lol


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