Thursday, 13 March 2008

The deed is done...

is up for hoo

So to cheer myself up I went off to Ledbury in Herefordshire (on the other side of the hills) with my sister no.3.

We ate homemade scones with clotted cream and jam at Mrs Muffins teashop down this little cobbled lane...

(Borrowed this picture from google as my brain is like mashed potato as the moment and I forgot my camera!)


stuff the diet, it can start next week.
and I bought this little wooden moneybox for a pound....yay!

I think its quite cute and a darn site cheaper than the crochet one I was hankering after!


  1. I love Ledbury, it's one of the places I would like to live if we ever moved from here. Mrs Muffin's is a great little tea shop isn't it.
    The money box is fab!
    Julia x

  2. I agree julia,It's a great place isn't it.We have looked at a few houses there too in the past.For housey shops its fab..I love Tinsmiths for all their lovely fabrics and furnishings Butler&Sweatman for their Cath Kidston stuff..(If you can get in the shop that is! so tiny!!)and Wyatts for just about everything!they're all so very friendly there as well. I just love it and wish Malvern had some of those shops!

  3. I have just found your blog and I LOVE it!Although it has made laugh and cry in 30 mins.I hope you have better luck this year!Love the polka dot stuff and your toadstool money box.I have the same photo frames as you.Yours look lovely painted!
    I'll be back another day
    Rachel x

  4. Hi, you will have no problems selling your beautiful home ready for new adventures!! I have't been to Ledbury but it's not too far from Cardiff so when me and hubbie get a rare day together we might visit there!!

  5. I hope you really indulged yourself. I'm sure it'll all turn out right in the end, new beginnings and all that. My university boyfriend's granny lived in Ledbury and we went to stay once. We went on a stunning walk to a lovely viewpoint to look over the town, so pretty.
    What a find that sweet money box is, I am madly envious!

  6. I love that moneybox , I want one!!!.
    Dont worry it will all ok, sometimes things dont seem it at the time, but things can and do work out for the better definately. We dont realize it till We get to the other side of it though! then we can reflect and take a deep breath.
    Scones yummy, I had 2 flakes and a finger of fudge !

  7. That's a cute money box! Ledbury is a great place to visit.
    I'm sorry you are having to sell your lovely home - it looks beautiful. But I bet you'll do the same to the next one too!

    Have just found your blog & loving it!


  8. I can imagine it must be a lot to take in, now that your house is officially for sale - I don't blame you for going out for some scones and shopping!
    I am sure it will all work out really well for you and your family..You sound like me with the diet thing..monday..sigh..

  9. Quite cute, that little toadstool for a £1 is a lovely find, well done. Well done on having that cream tea as well, I couldn't think of anything better to cheer yourself up. Don't forget what we have all said, your next home can be loved as much, if not more. x

  10. Your blog is lovely! I love the money box - and for a pound too! Good luck with the sale of your house. :)

  11. Have just found you and LOVE your blog. I have had a laugh and a little cry at your beautiful posts. I wish you well with your house sale. It's so hard isn't it? We are in a similar position, I hate the people who come round and turn up their noses at the unfinished jobs and tell me that there is loads of work to do. It's still a beautiful house and most of all it's my HOME! We have a matching polka dot fetish too ;-)

    Donna x

  12. Good luck with the house for sale bit, it would be hell for me as I would have to keep the house tidy all the time! Love the money box!

  13. What a lovely bog you have> I am having a sneaky peek at blogs and have just found yours...cannot remember where from!?!
    I will be back later today for a good read and so looking forward to it too! I love Shabby Chic too.
    CArol x

  14. Hello, take my advise, home owning is over rated, we too had problems and now rent, its brilliant , you concentrate more on decorating with the things you can take with you...a house is just a lot of empty rooms without your pesonality... i hope 2008 turns out to be the best year ever.bye for now fred.

  15. Your blog is great I love your style! Thanks for the before and after pictures of your house sorry you've has a tough time I'm sure a new home will be like a new start for you. I'm lovin those cars!


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