Friday, 8 February 2008

A cheeky sparrow and a lovely lady

This little fellow arrived in the post today..he's so cute! I just adore him!
A lovely lady sent him to me but frustratingly she isn't receiving any of my e-mails unless they go through a restricted ebay messaging system and neither of us can work out why!
I have made a few cushions and lampshade covers for this lady,we have never met and I have no idea what she looks like, nor she I but she sends the most wonderful laugh out loud e-mails and we gossip via the internet like old chums. She is the kind of customer every seller would want and because you may have not got my last e-mail, Deborah..I'd just like to say a HUUUUUUGE thank-you for my parcel and what a lovely surprise ( I will get to work on those lampshades!). The internet is a wonderful place to find delightful people like you...
On another note, I'm in the process of opening an etsy store and will be having a little give-away when I finally get round to stocking my keep popping back!


  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! I just came across it by searching for everyone who loves cath kidston (as i do) and yours was the first one that came up. I just had to say that i love your house and your 'jan constantine' style cusions. 'The dodo' is a beautiful home which i first saw in my favorite magazine '25 beautiful homes', sometime last year. I have been hoping ever since i saw it that if we move this year (god willing! - i hope so!) then we can replicate the look in our new home. I didnt know you could stay there, i wish me & my hubby could, but even if we could afford it i cannot justify the price!
    Your cat is almost exactly the same as mine (i have many pictures on my blog) and we also both enjoy reading 'sophie honeysuckles english decor', although she rarely blogs now. Your kitchen is gorgeous (and i actually prefer small kitchens) and i own one of those brightly coloured woven plastic bags which you have photographed (mine was from 'the body shop' about 14 years ago though!). And finally, its my dream to have a whole family of free range chickens (most from the battery hen welfare trust) and ive been annoying my hubby by mentioning it every week for the past 6 months or so!!! (Another plan for when we move house hopefully - our current garden has no grass and is too small).
    Could there be any more similarities between us?! (Said in Chandlers voice from friends!). Its great, im really looking forward to seeing more photos of your house and hearing more of your crafting and chicken tales!

  2. Hi Lindsay..thanks for your great message!..this will surprise you..I used to live in a village just outside Leicester, I loved going to the huge market and the silver arcade in the 1980's!!(it used to sell all the alternative things there for arty types!)Haven't been back for years I bet its changed lots.My chickens came from Leicester too via the BHWT. I had a quick read of your blog..Opal is gorgeous..I love ginger kitties!

  3. wow, isnt it strange?! lol. The silver arcade is still full of independant shops and i think thats where my favorite sewing supplies shop is also.
    Ginger cats really are the best, and to think that originally when we picked opal up from the animal shelter i actually wanted the silver cat nextdoor. When shes no longer with us i think we will have to get another ginger, of course it could never compare though!

  4. hey i have that little bird but in silver well i have a pair actually! :)


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