Thursday, 17 January 2008

home sweet home

I've just come back from staying with my sister in Corbridge , Northumberland. I love Corbridge it's so pretty, infact I love the north as a whole.The people are so jolly and friendly there that I would move there like a shot if I had a bigger house budget! The village has fantastic shops that look like they're from a Victorian Christmas card. We visited the fabulous RE

so that I could hanker after delightful plastic brightly coloured rugs and tin birds that will actually change my entire life for the better if I purchase one (or so I believe!) and onto Acanthus that sells Greengate and Cath Kidston amoungst other pretty things that was so busy you needed to be a size six with no shopping bags to squeeze amoungst the shelves laden with goodies.Then there were trips to Ilva and an Ikea so huge Im sure I lost a few pounds in weight walking from one end to the other! It's funny as in my family,we all have very different housey tastes but you find things in some shops that will fit within each of our houses. My sister has had a humungous kitchen extension with amazing glass folding windows on 2 sides, that my entire house would fit easily into and it's fab. One of those rooms that you could spend the whole time in,well we did really.

It was great being girlie with two of my sisters, who at the moment, both live there (Jac is moving back to Thailand soon) instead of being out numbered by the stinky boys wanting to watch Top gear going to the North pole- yet again (was it me or was Top gear on an extra amount of times over Christmas or do they have their very own channel??)
Then I came home.......

The stinky boys have had a week to themselves.The dog had come in straight from his muddy walks and lain all over the carpets, the toilet hadn't been cleaned in a week....bleugh.. and there were messages on the phone from neighbours saying my chickens had been spotted on the park..last seen heading for the swings! One also stopped a football match the other weekend by appearing on the pitch! oops! And its rained and rained and... I was lucky enough to miss the rain up there but coming back home the rivers are right up and you can actually ski across the lawn it's so muddy leaving wonderful long muddy stripes as you go ( you have to scream for the full affect whilst doing so)....ooh lovely...then no-one noticed Big Bess the buff Orpington had a big dangling egg- shaped thingy hanging from her rear, she'd pulled out all the feathers around it to show them specially and still the stinky boys didn't see it,it rather looks like she has grown something that only men should have if you know what I mean! so a trip to the vets is called for this afternoon.

Oh the delights of coming home!!
**short update on the chicken with a protrusion....its a hernia!**

(the vet said to just leave it for now)

Yes Hugh...they're out and on the park...last seen heading for the swings......


  1. Hello!
    My name is Jasmine.I live in Ireland and I found your blog by clicking on "Vintage.."
    We seem to have a lot in common, especially our love for all things Cath Kidston, Greengate...vintage.
    I have two children, 10 and 5, a Boxer named Bella and a cat named George.

    I love re-decorating my small 3 bedroomed house, and am always changing things around, painting and I get really excited when I buy something new to add to the prettiness of my rooms!
    If you like you are welcome to visit my blog (which is very new...)
    Bye for now!

  2. Hi,
    It sounds like you had a lovely break away. I had to giggle when you were referring to the state your home was in when you returned... it must be a male thing they just don't see mess or the purpose of cleaning he-he. I know what you mean about the rain too, it just hasn't stopped raining here, I always forget how wet January is.
    Take care:)

  3. Hello again!
    It sounds like you had a wonderful trip to your sister!Just my kind of getaway - to go to beautiful shops in a quaint place...
    I will be visiting my friend in Manchester in July and hope to avail of some of the beautiful shops and markets England has to offer, I hope to get down to London perhaps and venture into the thrift shops.
    I love those birds!

  4. I so love spending time with my sister, doing girlie things. I am quite envious of the places you visited! We don't have an IKEA in the whole country (New Zealand). How tragic is that? I had to travel to Australia to find a toilet roll holder that was remotely attractive. By the way Yay for the campaign for free range eggs. I won't buy anything else, and would love a fleet of rampaging free rangers in my back yard, but Miss Dog (also a black lab) would enjoy harrassing them, I'm sure. Hope Big Bess is ok- sound absolutely revolting- poor thing. XX

  5. Hi poppyblack! I would absolutely love to visit New Zealand..It looks like a gorgeous place to live..even without an Ikea!
    I'm reading posys blog and her photos are amazing as shes just come back from there.(New Zealand that is..not Ikea !!)


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