Friday, 28 December 2007

Rodneys new Christmas hat

Our pets all have other names, it's a pet thing that people without pets don't really spend hours deliberating on the name, then six months down the line you end up calling them something totally ridiculous,your tatooed husband stands at the back door calling "Boo-Boo-beansprouts" and "Noodles" instead of Basil and Maud and the dog now only comes to Rodney (hes a bit of a plonker you see) instead of Red which does get some funny looks on the park.I know I'm not alone..and I'm sure cats choose their own names by telepathy so that you have to say them in a high girly voice to make them feel all warm and fuzzy and make you look silly.
Rodney had a lovely christmas..a flashing dog santa hat which you can see from the photo he really enjoyed wearing (I think not!), a new squeaky toy in the shape of a cornetto ice cream(how random is that?!) and plenty of treats that have given the house a 'certain aroma'...but the less said about that the better.
We had enless tins of Quality Street this year, so I now need to run five thousand miles to burn off the large amounts of pretty coloured,shiny wrapped sweeties I have been forced into eating just because they are there ( I think I will have to develop some kind of cookery book using them ..maybe turkey pie topped with the blue ones nobody likes??)
I hope everyone in blogworld had a fun time anyway!


  1. Hi! My hubby always called our
    1st cat for (directly translated from finnish) "monster"..I wanted her to have a proper name..but, almost 2 yrs with her she is still called Hirmu (monster)..the other two have got proper names..the 4th kitten we got a couple of weeks ago is yet without a name..hopefully she´s going to have a suitable one for her ;-)

    Happy new year 2008!

    / Anne

  2. hi the fact you call your cat monster! Happy New Year to you x


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