Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The winner is.....

Well thank-you all very much for entering my give-away (and leaving some really nice messages too x)
I'm so glad you love Zia's lampshade creations as much as me.

The winner, chosen by my random number generator (Harry in the next room) turned out to be


who popped over via a link she found on the Tales from an OC Cottage blog and left a really lovely comment about Karma..

Well it turns out Cheryl, that karma has in turn, visited you and you have won the 'Lovely Day in Paris' lampshade. Congratulations!
Do please get in touch with your email address (you can email me via my profile page) and I will forward it on to Zia so she can get the details she needs to send it off to you.

Today is St.Davids Day, the patron saint of Wales where it is tradition to wear a Daffodil or Leek on the 1st of March....
So I'd just like to say Dymuniadau Gorau ar Ddydd Gwyl Dewi to any Welsh readers
(which I do hope is the right way of saying 'best wishes on St.Davids day!)

I'll be popping back with some more fab giveaways soon, but first my eldest son, George is finally having his car-accident nose sorted out next week so that will be an interesting few days. Part of his ear is being used somehow to repair the damage. He thinks he's going to come out of hospital with a nose looking something like Michael Jackson's or with an ear protruding off the end of it.We have had some rather amusing conversations about it to say the least..At one point we had him really going and actually convinced him that he would be able to hear out his nose.Silly sod!
Cheerio for now x
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