Monday, 16 August 2010

Nature lessons...

::Human Nature::

There happens to be some lovely people around these days.
In the shop where I work, a customer visiting from Scotland came in to purchase a birthday card and had left his money in the cash-point, he was pretty gutted, but I said that round here we're quite an honest bunch and he may find someone had handed it in at the bank.They indeed had, it made his day and in his words had 'restored his faith in human nature'

My truck did not want to start. At all. Not a bean from the old beast. Turns out the battery was flat as a pancake and two of my lovely neighbours helped me sort it all out and charge it up and make me feel a bit less of a dumb blonde. Next week I'm learning to change a wheel...

After what happened last night, I think I really do have the best neighbours. I'm very lucky indeed.

Parcels.Oooh how I LOVE parcels.
There really are some nice people in the world, especially blogworld. A lovely lady called Ella made me this beautiful, beautiful cushion.Crochet is something I just cannot master, I end up casting on like knitting, but ask me to cast on to knit and I wouldn't have a clue! So when this lovely lady asked if she could make me a cushion for Florence, I leapt at the chance and as you can see it is just gorgeous.GORGEOUS.

Cheered me up no end that did.
Gave me one of those lump in your throat things at the niceness of a stranger, but really cheered me up.

::Mother nature::

I do so love my hens and my cats and the old black dopey hound.
Far too much for my own good.
I spoil them and talk to them and just sit and watch them somedays, wasting precious time I shouldn't be wasting really.

Wednesday turned into a very bad day.

That pesky fox came back for his chicken dinner.
I was late putting the hens in,sorting out my truck, trying to cook some tea,answer the phone and feed the other animals when I heard the most awful commotion in the hen run. I knew instantly what it was ,the noise will haunt me for a long time. I ran barefoot across the garden to find feathers everywhere, silent hens in a state of shock lying across the ground and one poor girl crying out in pain.I panicked, I couldn't see properly as the light was fading and they are in the darkest part of the garden,under the big conker tree.
I was devastated, wracked with guilt and crying and there was no-one home to give me a hand.

My lovely neighbour came to her door in her dressing gown to find me in floods of tears clutching an injured hen in a teatowel. They were brilliant, I sat in her immaculate lounge with the chicken still in a teatowel, whilst her husband collected up my poor remaining girls,checked who was alive, who wasn't and put them safely away.The burnt tea went in the bin and a hot sweet cup of tea was made.I wasn't looking forward to the following morning.

The big clear up. Not nice.The injured girlie has a badly bruised neck but surprisingly survived the night.Hand feeding her is keeping her going but I'm not so sure I'm doing the right thing..should I do the decent thing or let mother nature take it's course?
Betty, my oldest hen refuses to open her eyes and Bessie has lost the majority of her tail feathers and refuses to move and big Elsie looks positively ragged.
Dolly and Violet unfortunately didn't make it.

I'm down to 5 and a half hens now, it all looks a little empty in the hen run.

Mother nature created a devious creature with the Fox.
Such a beautiful looking animal with such cruel ways. Sneaky ways.
A fox will destroy a flock in minutes and only take one for dinner.This foxy didn't get the chance for dinner and left over the 6 foot fence empty handed.Oblivious to the few seconds of chaos and the resulting horror.
I've no doubt he'll be back again so I'm off to shut them in extra early..

Next post I promise to be a bit jollier with some pretty stuff. x
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