Friday, 4 February 2011

Light up your life with a GIVEAWAY!

OOOH at last...exciting, LOVELY stuff to talk about ... A GIVEAWAY!!!
We love giveaways in blogland now don't we?
So here is something to cheer us all up in that cold inbetweeny bit before the Spring comes.

One of my favourite shops to mooch in when I'm re-decorating is Zia's fabulous lampshade shop,

The Old Lamp Shed 

I would love to be able to make lampshades like these below, but alas I cannot so it's lovely to be able to say I know a lady that can.

Her designs were recently featured in a Cath Kidston catalogue and her attention to detail is lovely, little trims and ribbons that co-ordinate beautifully with the fabrics.
Zia has very kindly offered one lucky person a lampshade from her shop to the value of £40..
yep you heard right..completely and utterly FREE.

How Fab is that?
The hardest part is picking a favourite as I love most of her designs, check out the secret message lamps  which are really ingenious (I ought to get one saying 'stop snoring you old toad,you're keeping me awake' maybe that'll brainwash the men in this house!)

So anyway, how about...

a Cath Kidston one?

or a Frenchy one?

A girlie one?(from the made to order range)

or a blokey one?

 a retro one?

or maybe a posh one?

All you have to do is pop over to The old lamp shed,  have a mooch through Zia's creations,(I've only shown you a few designs here) pick which one you would love to own (up to £40 in value) and leave a message on this post saying just that " I'd love this one... in this... size please."
You don't have to have a blog as you can leave a message under anonymous (but just to save any confusion you may want to add your initials at the bottom of the message as we'll need to get in touch with you if you win!)
Then at 8pm on Tuesday March 1st, I'll pick a winner at random.

So there you go, you'll have plenty of time to choose a favourite, you might even pick up a bargain whilst your over there mooching as some lampshades have up to 50% off at the mo.

Best of luck!
Zia has asked me to mention that overseas entrants are welcome but can only choose up to a 12" sized shade for this particular giveaway.

(all photos courtesy of
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